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What is Slideshare you ask? Slideshare has been around since 2006 and was acquiredby LinkedIn in 2012. As stated on their website (www.slideshare.net) -it allows users to easily upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars. In Q4 of 2013, the site averaged 60 million unique visitors a month and 215 million page views. SlideShare is among the top 120 most-visited websites in the world.Tweet: SlideShare is among the top 120 most-visited websites in the world. Try it! http://ctt.ec/k48fP+

Here are some basic facts and tips regarding the growing and ever popular site to peak your interest.

1.Profile: You create your own personal/business profile, where it not only tells viewers about you, but also contains your social media platform links, website links and of course your gallery of Slideshare presentations.

2. Sharable: They are completely sharable in many ways. You can use a url link to a given presentation, that directs traffic to your profile or presentation – be sure to share that link on social media! You can even embed the Slideshare presentation on your website.

3. Search & Download: You can also search for various topics to read up on other material, follow others and download presentations to save and read later.

4. Statistics: It keeps track (and emails you weekly reports) of how many people have viewed your presentations, how many have ‘tweeted’ it, liked it and even commented on it and more. For increased statistics and actual leads, you can upgrade your account to a Pro version.

5. What to create: They have tons of ideas on what you can upload. From guides, to ‘how to’s’, quotes and inspiration, creative writing, artistic portfolios to show off your talent, case studies and more! Check out what others have posted for fabulous ideas!

6. Market your business: It’s a fabulous tool to market your business, show your knowledge & share information. Be sure to have your contact information on there, your branding (logo for instance) and a call to action towards the end.

7. Design Tips: The key is to be creative and captivating. Use tons of graphics, photographs and don’t be afraid to do something ‘different’ – to be catchy, quirky and create a ‘hook’ to read more. They say that longer presentations are viewed more than shorter one’s – but I think it’s good to mix it up.

All in all, it’s another fabulous way to engage viewers and add another layer on to your Content Marketing Strategies. Go ahead – check it out!

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