Why People Quit Your Membership Program with Scott Whitaker

Scott Whitaker is an author and membership business guru. In this episode you will learn why people will quit your membership program and what you can do to keep them. He is the author of “Why People Quit Your Membership Program & What You Can Do About It” and an online course “Seven Systems of a Growing Membership Business.”

Repurpose Your Content Easily with Hani Mourra

Learn from Hani Mourra, creator of Repurpose.io Find out: What is Repurpose.io and how does it help content creators?Are content creators nervous about repurposing content?What does Simple Podcast Press do?What are some mistakes that podcasters do?

Sandra Rea on Copywriting

Sandra Rea shares her expertise on copywriting. I asked questions like What is a copywriter? What should people look for in a copywriter? What is a ghostwriter and what does that entail?

Phil Singleton on SEO

I ask SEO Wizard Phil Singleton... How is SEO changing? How should we handle SEO with podcasting? What are some of the big mistakes that people make? Join us!

Entrepreneur’s Sales School

Using Content Marketing To Provide Value and Serve Others Lyndsay Phillips accepted an opportunity to be guest starred on Entrepreneur’s Sales School with Chris Spurvey

Peter Lisoskie On Sales & Chatbot

Chatbots and how to effectively use them for sales is this episode's topic of conversation. We talk to Peter Lisoskie and ask: What is a chatbot? What are some applications for a chatbot? and What types of businesses are chatbots suitable for?