Pssst! Don’t Miss This Little Secret!

call-165249_1920The first thing people think about (and dread) when they think of Social Media Marketing is – Holy Hannah, what am I going to write about day in, day out and how am I going to find the time to write it all. Well here is a little secret….

 Not everyone will admit or say it out loud that you DO NOT NEED to be an esteemed author or playwright, nor do you need to reinvent the wheel day after day, week after week, writing reams of material.

Here is how you mix it up without killing yourself!

  • Reuse old content. Do you have an old e-book, reports or blogs? Go ahead and use bits and pieces of it again. People won’t notice! I bet re-reading some of it will give you inspiration to write a few more tips/comments or ideas that you can use for future social media posts.Tweet: Need #socialmediacontent ? Re-use old blogs. Go ahead and use snippets of them again. People won’t notice!
  • Retweet. It’s okay to share other people’s posts on your wall (it will show where it came from) and other businesses and people will appreciate it! It’s fine to retweet someone else’s material on your newsfeed. It also helps mix things up. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly industry specific – it’s good to have a variety of information on your ‘wall’ anyway. Find something funny or amusing or inspirational –go ahead and share it!
  • Website. Some websites give you the option to share their picture, article etc on social media. Just hit the ‘share on Facebook’ button or ‘tweet’ button and away you go. It gives you the right links and text right there – how easy is that!
  • Get Pocket. If I find web pages that I like and want to use or read later (whether it’s about Marketing, of personal interests, newsworthy or otherwise) I save it to my ‘get pocket’ folder. Then when you need posts – you have a library of fab material you can snag ideas from or tweet directly from.
  • Pixabay. Royalty free image sites, like Pixabay have some really fun, quirky, beautiful and inspiring photographs. Use them in a pinch and share. Want to add some text to it? Try for instance, to jazz it up and add words. Simple text graphic – voila!
  • Quotes. There are tons of websites out there with famous quotes. Use them alone or on a graphic!

It’s always good practice, as well, to have a folder with a word document, to stock pile a library of material or posts for when your busy season comes up!

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