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How to Increase Conversations on Twitter

Need help increasing your conversations on twitter – i.e., getting more shares, comments, retweets, favorited posts? It can be a difficult task but not to worry, it can be done with a few helpful tips! IMAGES: Next time you post, be sure to use images. Tweets with images generate 55% more leads. A no brainer right? There are a couple tips to consider however: Stay away from stockphotos. Don’t be afraid to use behind the scenes/now pics. Ex. Images of staff working, pics of fun summer work party. (Tasteful of course!) Let people know you’re real and not afraid to
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Boost Your Video Marketing With YouTube Cards

This feature already exists on YouTube called annotations which you embed into your video so this is taking it up a notch. Annotations alone work on the full web version of YouTube, and is now available on the mobile version and adds a layer of interactivity to your videos. YouTube has introduced YouTube Cards (you’ll now see a tab in the video editor called Cards) which work on both platforms.  Purpose: They can inform your viewers about other videos, products, playlists, websites and create a call to action.  Who Can Use Them: Anyone can use YouTube Cards, but you must
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    Learn what content is popular with the help of BuzzSumo  If you ever thought you’d want to combine easy access to data, here is your chance. James Blackwell, Steve Rayson, and Stephen Walsh, hailing from across the pond, (UK), have brought their ingenuity and the best in Marketing know-how to create BuzzSumo. It’s like combining ideas, concepts & relevant data and putting them all in one place. BuzzSumo is definitely the latest application of Media statistics gaining ground in the Marketing/Social Media circles.  It’s available to anyone who wants to share info and/or those who want to know
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Lessons From a 5 Year Old

   The other day I was driving my kids to school, and as we passed by one of the trails (which having lived here for 7 yearswe still haven’t walked) I said out loud that we should go for a walk on that trail someday. Emily, who’s 5, says ‘today?’, and Tyler, who’s 9, asks ‘this weekend’? It got me to thinking how adults always say someday, sometime… and kids are so into the ‘NOW’. I mean, why put off something fun right? And I wondered – if Emily asked TODAY, and Tyler thought someday was this weekend – what
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How to Market Your Business with Pinterest

So you’ve either read my last week’s article on how to get started on Pinterest or you already have an account up and running. Perhaps your now asking…I pin graphics, and create great boards, but how do I increase my followers –how do I get folks to notice me? This is what this blog is for! Invite: Invite people that you know are already on Pinterest to follow your board. When you are on one of your boards, you’ll see a red circle that says Invite Pinner. You can find Pinterest accounts or enter emails. Make it accessible: Make sure
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