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Get Writing and Make Your Mark

Have you ever stopped to consider how many business professionals today have some type of book, either a good old fashioned book in print or a digital ebook, out in their name? If you have, you aren’t alone. In fact, many business coaches and marketing experts consider a book as the new business card, and there are some very definite benefits to putting pen to paper and getting published. Understanding why this is such a valuable exercise starts with taking a closer look at how having a book can help your personal brand and create a unique position in the
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How to Market Your Business with Pinterest

So you’ve either read my last week’s article on how to get started on Pinterest or you already have an account up and running. Perhaps your now asking…I pin graphics, and create great boards, but how do I increase my followers –how do I get folks to notice me? This is what this blog is for! Invite: Invite people that you know are already on Pinterest to follow your board. When you are on one of your boards, you’ll see a red circle that says Invite Pinner. You can find Pinterest accounts or enter emails. Make it accessible: Make sure
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Is Your Blog Snackable? Top Ways To Optimize Your Blog

If I asked you, “Would you like people to SHARE your blog and spread the word about how great your information is … your tips, your pictures, your website, your services and more?” What would your answer be? “Absolutely!” I hope! So why not make your blog easier to optimize and share. Here are a few great tips to do so. 1. Include social media share buttons on your blog page. Some have them below, in between, or above the blog. Either way, you want to make it EASY for people to click a button and share the blog with friends,
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6 Ways To Stretch Your Blog Content

A lot of effort and time goes into creating blog posts for your website. If you are like many entrepreneurs, you post to your blog once a week, promote it on social media and email it to your list – but then you struggle to find additional social media content. With a little more time, and a dash of creativity, there are ways to get more mileage from your blog! Here are some tips to freshen up the content you already have! 1. Social Media Posts: Take some of the tips and nuggets of information from your blog and use
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