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Top 4 Business Success Tips Thanks To Hockey

I was watching my son’s hockey game on the weekend and realized a lot can be learned from this sport. Not only for my son – being in a team atmosphere, practicing new skills and having fun – but for all of us entrepreneurs! Here’s how I see it…. You can’t get a goal without some shots at net: You probably see the stats on the TV screen while watching NHL – shots on goal. You probably get the fact that really – you can’t get a goal without taking a shot at the net. And of course the more
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How to Increase Conversations on Twitter

Need help increasing your conversations on twitter – i.e., getting more shares, comments, retweets, favorited posts? It can be a difficult task but not to worry, it can be done with a few helpful tips! IMAGES: Next time you post, be sure to use images. Tweets with images generate 55% more leads. A no brainer right? There are a couple tips to consider however: Stay away from stockphotos. Don’t be afraid to use behind the scenes/now pics. Ex. Images of staff working, pics of fun summer work party. (Tasteful of course!) Let people know you’re real and not afraid to
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Lessons From a 5 Year Old

   The other day I was driving my kids to school, and as we passed by one of the trails (which having lived here for 7 yearswe still haven’t walked) I said out loud that we should go for a walk on that trail someday. Emily, who’s 5, says ‘today?’, and Tyler, who’s 9, asks ‘this weekend’? It got me to thinking how adults always say someday, sometime… and kids are so into the ‘NOW’. I mean, why put off something fun right? And I wondered – if Emily asked TODAY, and Tyler thought someday was this weekend – what
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