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Tips For Creating A Virtual Team Culture

It is challenging enough to be the manager of an office where everyone is in the same building, so imagine the difficulties in managing a virtual team. This type of leadership requires some different skills, and some skills that are not so different. The key is to understand that a virtual team or an actual team is still a group. By creating an identifiable culture that brings people together, respects their input and ideas, and empowers them to challenge themselves and the team you have a winning combination. Here is a quick summary of the leadership skills that a virtual
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What To Look For In A Top Email System For Marketing

Online marketing, and being able to get a target audience engaged and interested in your business (products or service) starts with making meaningful connections. While this can be achieved on social media or through blogging, there is a very big plus in using e-newsletters, emails and broadcasts to reach people and to capture their interest. There are so many options and killer features out there… so what should you consider before signing on with an online email system? It does depend on your list size, your needs and goals – but here are 4 things to look for in an
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