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The Scoop On Facebook Video Ads

Most, but certainly not all businesses, are using Facebook as an option for social media marketing or SMM. However, these are not really advertisements as such, rather they are simply postings to Facebook that are marketing tools not dissimilar to short email marketing programs. We all know that Facebook Ads, and sponsored Newsfeed Posts are popular and can definitely work to boost your email list and online events. Facebook has now launched a new option for businesses in the form of Facebook video ads. This combines the visual effects of YouTube with a catchy text message that will appear on
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Making The Most Of Facebook Ads: A Beginner’s Guide

While Facebook itself may be intuitive and user-friendly, running a successful Facebook ad campaign is not as simple and straightforward. Making mistakes in your campaign can end up resulting in a lower ROI than you expected, and it can also prevent you from using this very effective advertising option in the future. To help you to get your Facebook ad campaign off to a good start, here are some current and timely tips to keep in mind. Know Your Target Audience While this may seem evident, many Facebook ads fall into the “just blast it out to everyone” theory of
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