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Tips For Marketing Your Podcasts

For any business, marketing is essential to inform your target audience about the benefits of your products or services over the competition. Finding new ways to market those podcasts is an important part of continuing to grow your business and engage your client base and potential targets. To help you get started, here are some important strategies to incorporate as a podcast marketing plan: Opt-in – pop-ups to get people to opt into your email list are a great way to be able to continually provide information for your listeners on new podcasts. You also do this with an SMS
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Making The Most Of Facebook Ads: A Beginner’s Guide

While Facebook itself may be intuitive and user-friendly, running a successful Facebook ad campaign is not as simple and straightforward. Making mistakes in your campaign can end up resulting in a lower ROI than you expected, and it can also prevent you from using this very effective advertising option in the future. To help you to get your Facebook ad campaign off to a good start, here are some current and timely tips to keep in mind. Know Your Target Audience While this may seem evident, many Facebook ads fall into the “just blast it out to everyone” theory of
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Landing Pages 101

As the folks over at Unbounce (“The Landing-Page Builders for Marketers”) say, “Never start a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page!” But what’s a dedicated landing page, you ask? Put simply, it’s a stand-alone page that is designed for a specific marketing campaign, that is separate from your website and designed only to receive campaign traffic. The beauty of the landing page is that it offers visitors only a single action — clicking on your call-to-action — and can and should be used for all of your campaign needs. But before you take off on a direct flight to
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