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Upgrade Your Communication From Webinars To Video Streaming

In the fast paced world of internet technology, it seems just as a business starts using one marketing possibility there is a newer and better option available. This is certainly true for those businesses taking advantage of webinars for marketing, product explanation, or consumer education. There are so many options – including the big trend now of live streaming video. While they are similar in many ways, video streaming offers benefits that are simply not possible through the traditional webinar platforms. Some of the advantages of using live streaming for meetings, marketing presentations or collaborations include: Increasing access to information –
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Periscope 101 – 5 Ways To Use It In Your Business

By now you should have heard of Periscope – it’s all the rage as they say! Some of you, though may be thinking “Oh it’s just for fun – or just for the younger generation”. WRONG! Some of you are probably wondering what exactly it is and why or how you should use it for your business. It’s a form of live video – where people can join, interact and watch while you film these live broadcasts. Launching in March of 2015 – by August they already boasted 10 million accounts – crazy right? Now it’s only available on Android
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