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The Scoop On Facebook Video Ads

Most, but certainly not all businesses, are using Facebook as an option for social media marketing or SMM. However, these are not really advertisements as such, rather they are simply postings to Facebook that are marketing tools not dissimilar to short email marketing programs. We all know that Facebook Ads, and sponsored Newsfeed Posts are popular and can definitely work to boost your email list and online events. Facebook has now launched a new option for businesses in the form of Facebook video ads. This combines the visual effects of YouTube with a catchy text message that will appear on
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What is a VA anyway?

So many entrepreneurs are using online assistants or a virtual office assistant. What are they? A VA (for short) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Do you often wonder WHY someone hires a VA, what the benefits are, and if it’s right for you? Then read away….  Some of the benefits of hiring a VA (vs having staff in your office) for various tasks are (which is not all inclusive). Easy payroll! VA’s are contracted so you don’t need to pay out employee benefits, have them on
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No Excuse – A Month’s Worth of Social Media Content!

  It’s hard to be creative on a daily basis and come up with new ideas and new posts for social media, so here is a quick list to get you by! 1.  Community news2.  Community events3.  What have you sponsored recently?4.  Your favorite charity – give them a plug!5.  Office news – I’m sure there must be something going on – newly decorated office, new pet, new employee, wedding, new baby?6.  Your news – don’t be afraid to say what’s going on in your life too!7.  Testimonials – share the wonderful things that people are saying about you, your
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