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Tips For Marketing Your Podcasts

For any business, marketing is essential to inform your target audience about the benefits of your products or services over the competition. Finding new ways to market those podcasts is an important part of continuing to grow your business and engage your client base and potential targets. To help you get started, here are some important strategies to incorporate as a podcast marketing plan: Opt-in – pop-ups to get people to opt into your email list are a great way to be able to continually provide information for your listeners on new podcasts. You also do this with an SMS
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Podcasts 101: Making Things Simple

To start at the beginning, think of a podcast as a very short audio presentation that you can listen to online or through a wide variety of digital players, usually MP3 players. Podcasts are sent via RSS or Real Simple Syndication, which allows a podcast to be played on any device or any website subscribing to the RSS feed. Podcasts can be informative, funny, instructional, and even provide unique perspectives. They can be used by businesses and companies to talk about their products, or to provide an auditory version of content marketing for those that would rather listen to the
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What To Look For In A Top Email System For Marketing

Online marketing, and being able to get a target audience engaged and interested in your business (products or service) starts with making meaningful connections. While this can be achieved on social media or through blogging, there is a very big plus in using e-newsletters, emails and broadcasts to reach people and to capture their interest. There are so many options and killer features out there… so what should you consider before signing on with an online email system? It does depend on your list size, your needs and goals – but here are 4 things to look for in an
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What are the building blocks of fast business growth?

Everyone talks about systems and how important they are. But what does it all mean? Why are they important to grow your business and where do you start? What do you need to put into place? Dan Kennedy says that “All wealth is based on systems.” and his good friend Keith Lee states that “For a business owner, systems set you free.” I couldn’t agree more! Systems are critical to being organized, increasing customer service and efficiency. When you have repetitive tasks or scenarios in your business it’s wise to create a system of procedures. So what are some basic
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My Top 5 Ways to Stop the Inbox Insanity

The biggest gripe I hear from entrepreneurs is dealing with their emails and inbox. It can be all consuming, and it’s so easy to get caught up in it that a full day goes by and all you accomplished was answering emails. How do we battle this email warfield? With some easy tips and time management. 1. Filter & Organize: Most email systems (especially Gmail) have a filter system. This means that all of those automated emails you receive like ‘recurring order placed’, ‘New Subscriber to your ezine’, can be filtered to go straight to your Trash. You don’t read
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Understanding Social Media Post Lingo!

There’s social media post lingo? There is for me, in my business! It helps me categorize types of posts when getting my staff to take on tasks and work on drafts for my clients. They may not be well known terms ‘out there’… but I find them helpful none the less. Let me share them with you. Text Post: This is a post that is strictly text. Typically they are fun quotes, tips and pieces of advice that are quick to read and easy to share. It also shows that you know your stuff and are an expert in your field
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