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How to Increase Conversations on Twitter

Need help increasing your conversations on twitter – i.e., getting more shares, comments, retweets, favorited posts? It can be a difficult task but not to worry, it can be done with a few helpful tips! IMAGES: Next time you post, be sure to use images. Tweets with images generate 55% more leads. A no brainer right? There are a couple tips to consider however: Stay away from stockphotos. Don’t be afraid to use behind the scenes/now pics. Ex. Images of staff working, pics of fun summer work party. (Tasteful of course!) Let people know you’re real and not afraid to
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What are the building blocks of fast business growth?

Everyone talks about systems and how important they are. But what does it all mean? Why are they important to grow your business and where do you start? What do you need to put into place? Dan Kennedy says that “All wealth is based on systems.” and his good friend Keith Lee states that “For a business owner, systems set you free.” I couldn’t agree more! Systems are critical to being organized, increasing customer service and efficiency. When you have repetitive tasks or scenarios in your business it’s wise to create a system of procedures. So what are some basic
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Top “How To’s” To Boost Twitter Engagement

If you are one of those people who thinks that Twitter is “for twits” — that it’s just another social media site for kids, full of inconsequential information — think again. The Twitter-verse is a very large group of people (500 million users — over half of whom are active) who are interested in knowing what other people are thinking, doing and feeling. In short, it’s a social-media marketer’s dream. When used properly, Twitter can be a great tool to help you engage with your audience. That said, there’s a little more to it than sharing random thoughts. Here are a
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Where Art Thou Customers? Tips On Seeking Your Ideal Customer

It’s great to be on social media and an added bonus when customers find YOU and come knocking on your door – but how do you actively seek them? To start – you need to have a clear understanding of WHO your customer is. Really get to know and understand your target market and what makes them tick. Here are some things to consider so you can find THEM and get a foot in the door. Think of the age and sex of your typical customer. Are they married, do they have kids, what is their lifestyle and financial situation?
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