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4 Steps To Creating Consistent Authority Boosting Content With Less Overwhelm

We are a full service content marketing agency with a love and focus on podcasting!  Let us help you:

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Why Podcasting?

Podcasting is the FASTEST GROWING content marketing strategy right now and there are so many reasons for that! Ease of access and learning new information – 76 million Americans Now Have “Smart Speakers” in Their Homes, & 275.66 million have smartphones! You have a captive audience – 93% listen to all or most of each episode. Listeners are buyers! 81% of podcast listeners pay attention to podcast ads 60% of podcast listeners have bought something from a podcast ad. Besides – what other content marketing strategy allows you to:
SmoothBusinessPodcasting Podcasters
  • Create content for your site #organictraffic
  • Showcase YOU as the expert
  • Build connections and relationships with listeners
  • Grow your E-list
  • Open more doors to be on other shows
  • Have more opportunities to speak on stage, summits and virtual events
  • Build your authority platform
  • Increase your visibility exponentially
  • Create content for social media (and leverage it further)

You agree – Podcasting is the Bomb for business growth but maybe you…

  • Have NO idea how to start
  • Have NO TIME to get this started (let alone leverage the content further!)
  • Need help leveraging the podcast episodes to build authority and get more leads but feel like you are ‘winging it’.
  • Are already podcasting but aren’t getting the results you were hoping
  • Are inconsistent in getting your podcasts promoted and need a better system.
  • Don’t have a team to help you with all the moving parts

What if…

You could record a podcast and have a team of experts handle it ALL (and have less stress, and more time to focus on your business)?

You had a strategist at your fingertips to share HOW to maximize your podcasting relationships and visibility?

You had a procedure and system that enabled you to produce and promote your podcasting content like clockwork without the headaches?

Your podcast guesting/show brought you more leads and clients?

You had ONE company that did it all and you spent less time project managing team members and the moving parts that go with podcasting?

Let’s face it – ‘winging it’ and hiring multiple people or companies to do the production, show notes, design and promotion, is exhausting to oversee. Plus the time spent learning, project managing and figuring out the technology is COSTING YOU time and money!

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About Us

We started as a full service Content Marketing Agency (with Smooth Sailing Business Growth as the umbrella company) so having us as a strategic partner gives you a FULL team at your fingertips. We plan, publish, optimize and promote your content through the web, social media and email so that you can have more leads, more clients with less stress and more freedom. Through my amazing team, we partner with entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and speakers, who are seeking fast-paced business growth but have finally come to the realization that they can’t do it alone, do it all and do it well.

Through Smooth Business Podcasting we launch, produce, promote and leverage podcasts to help businesses like you gain more leads, increase visibility, boost authority and grow. In other words we are a one stop shop for all things podcasting! 


Creator of The Podcast Leverage System

4 Steps To Creating Consistent Authority-Boosting Content With Less Overwhelm

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There are 4 steps to creating consistent content that boosts authority, multiply your visibility, nurture your leads and maintain your sanity.  







How To Create A System That Boosts Your Podcast Guesting ROI

Stop wasting time being interviewed as a guest expert to an audience that is not bringing you leads or ideal clients!

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