12 Ways To Get More Done!

Sep 23, 2014

Get More Done

Get More Done!

We all get bogged down by the daily tasks, especially with the deluge of emails you get in a day, plus the distractions of Social Media and phone calls! The average office worker, for instance, now spends 28% of their time sifting through emails. – yikes!Tweet: The average office worker, for instance, now spends 28% of their time sifting through emails. http://ctt.ec/WiM1B+ Here is a list of ideas to make your day more efficient so you can get more done!

1.   No is not a dirty word! When possible, say no to tasks you can’t take on and that don’t serve you or your business.
2.   Make a list of your day’s top priorities and concentrate on those first to get more done!
3.   Schedule tasks in your calendar for the things you ‘have to do’ to ensure they get done (and ensure you don’t forget)!
4.   Schedule certain times of the day to do your Social Media for business – so aren’t distracted so much when your notifications pop up!
5.   When you first go into Inbox – delete all the ‘stuff’ and junk you don’t need; any resources/articles you DO want to read, (but later) – use  GetPocket (www.getpocket.com) to store them. Then delete that email to unclutter your inbox. It also makes it easier to find what you DO need to respond to.
6.   Once you’ve responded and handled a situation (regarding an email) delete it. Keep ONLY the emails in your inbox that you still need to create an action on, or respond to.
7.   If you have email responses that are similar depending on a specific situation – template it – so copy and paste and only change the name and a detail or two… it’ll save time so you can get more done!
8.   If you get the same questions over and over – have an FAQ page on your website.. You Tube video or more. Then, you can just email that person the link real quick.
9.   Take some time each month and unsubscribe to things that are no longer relevant or you don’t want anymore. It will decrease the amount of irrelevant ‘stuff’ in your inbox.
10.  Turn off sound notifications on your phone – they can be distracting – just schedule time each day to check up on emails and address them.
11.  Do great ideas pop in your head while you are working and distract you from the task at hand? Put them down in an idea file and see to them later – don’t get sidetracked – it’s easily done!
12.  Outsource the time consuming or everyday tasks so you can focus on revenue generating tasks, or the part of your business that you love most instead. Outsource a Team to get more done!

Need HELP to streamline your business and make your day more productive, or need more systems in place to make your business more efficient? Contact me (Lyndsay) at info@smoothbusinessgrowth.com or call at 484-284-0933! I can help!