Did you know these 15 facts and tips about Instagram?

Jul 30, 2014

Instagram For Business

Tips about Instagram

Instagram is wildly popular, but did you know you can also use it to grow your business and create a following? Brand presence is increasing on Instagram where you can reach your audience through visual imagery that is quick and to the point. You can even include text graphics and logo’s to get your message across and more. Here is a list of facts and tips about Instagram:

1. You can only use it as a mobile app, available on Google Play or Apple App Store.
2. You can connect it to your FB account. (Did you know Instagram is owned by Facebook?)
3. Understand your audience and what they are looking for. Find out what people like – what kind of pictures are trending. Popular are inspiration, pets, travel & food.
4. Like Twitter, you can also use hashtags and follow others.
5. Now you can tag photo’s. So if you want to be seen or noticed on the ‘McDonald’s Profile’ for instance, tag McDonald’s in your photograph and ensure it’s relevant.
6. Use your Instagram pics on FB/Twitter/Website – to cross reference each platform
7. Encourage interaction, ask to like, to comment, ask a question and put in a call to action.
8. Check out all the apps in Instagram – to fancy up your pic!
9. Share your brand by superimposing your logo on the top part of photo for instance to make sure your brand sticks in their mind!Tweet: Tip -share your #brand by superimposing your logo on your @instagram graphics! @ssonlinesupport
10. Create a theme and be consistent – don’t post product for the sake of posting.
11. Be creative, add text to your photographs.
12. Engage with your followers – follow, reply to posts, comment on their pictures, like things etc.
13. Include url’s on your graphics; link to your blog, a landing page, contest or more!
14. Start with one per day and increase as you get more ‘action’.
15. Mention people in your posts (@…) then it cross relates to twitter too.

Think of different ways you can make your business more ‘graphic’, ways to illustrate what you do, what you like and how you can help to make it interesting. Have fun with it!