Newsletter Marketing with Shaun Buck

Shaun Buck is the Newsletter Pro, so as a Content Marketer in an online world I asked him some major questions relative to people who view printed newsletters as old school or outdated... and... What are the benefits of newsletter marketing? How can we get newsletters or direct mail to compliment our online marketing? And lastly, what are some of the biggest mistakes you find people make with newsletter marketing?

How to Create Infographics

  Infographics There is a thought process that goes into creating infographics. It’s not just slapping something together, but it’s about taking the essence of

Client Enrollment and Telling and Selling Your Personal Story

Client Enrollment Academy founder Ben Tyler and I sat down to discuss his story and telling your story - He answered questions like: How would you explain what a story is? How do you get over the mindset of not wanting to share your story? Do you ever have anyone that tries to tell their story but it sounds forced? Hear his authentic self right here.

TubeBuddy Checklist Feature

  TubeBuddy Checklist Feature TubeBuddy checklist feature is the best place to start using TubeBuddy. It ensures you create the most compelling title, tags, and

Building Your Business Using Instagram

Instagram posts shouldn’t leave you squirming. While most businesses have moved into the world of social media for marketing and brand awareness, this has largely

Lose the Cape Podcast

Lyndsay Phillips had an opportunity to be guest starred on Lose the Cape podcast with Alexa Bigwarfe. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN In this episode of

Michelle Shaeffer on Blogging And Marketing With The Best

Michelle Shaeffer and I sat down to talk about blogging. Moreover she answered questions like: What fostered your love for blogs? What are some of the 3 biggest mistake you and other people make? Can you explain what the different parts of attraction are?