3 Ways To Repurpose Content From Podcasts You Guest On To Maximize Results

Feb 14, 2024

Repurpose Content & Get A Return On Your Podcast Guesting Episodes

Podcast guesting takes time, money and strategy. 

Maybe you have signed up for podcast guesting ‘match’ sites.

Perhaps you have an agency that is matching you with hosts and getting you booked on shows.

Even if you are having a virtual assistant support you, or you are doing all the legwork yourself, either way – you are investing time and money into the strategy of guesting on podcasts. 

The question is – are you repurposing and leveraging the episodes to maximize your results and getting a return on your investment?



You can’t simply rely on the host doing all the heavy lifting, and if you are, you are giving up control over how you are positioned, amount of exposure, and leaving leads and money on the table. Remember, the podcast host is pushing their lead magnets and offers, rarely yours.    

What if they have meagre show notes and only share your bio and not what you are an expert on or what fabulous tips and advice you shared on the show to entice the person to listen. 

What if the video clip or reel they share is a part of the episode that doesn’t show you in a great light, that doesn’t showcase your expertise, how you can help others. 

What if they create a title that is general, boring and doesn’t fully share the topic that you wanted to focus on. 


“By repurposing and leveraging the episode YOURSELF you gain that control back on how you show up and what ROI you can get from the episodes.”



Repurposing your content needs to be a steady, consistent strategy, which over time will bring you steady, consistent benefits like clients coming to you pre-sold and ready to buy. Let’s face it, anything you do one time rarely works.

Being consistent is more than simply reposting something, or publishing similar posts (about the show and a call to action to listen). 

You need to get content out that is consumable, engaging, showcases your authority, attracts and speaks to your ideal client and compels them to take action with strong call to actions for a ‘next step’. 

So let me share 3 ways that you can leverage and repurpose these interviews and start creating authority-boosting content that will double your visibility and get you more leads and clients!



By creating ‘blog posts’ for your episodes you generate organic traffic to your site and position yourself as an authority. 

And the best part of publishing your episode on your site is that it gives you multiple opportunities to convert them to a lead or client. 

Have call to action graphics in the post and have ‘sidebar’ images on the right hand side to offer your programs or free resources or Facebook Group. 

Here’s what you will need: 

  • Show Notes (create your own if the host doesn’t provide them
  • Featured Image (use YOUR branding)
  • SEO (optimize the post for a keyword – it’s okay to change the title slightly)
  • Embed The Audio & Video when possible
  • Call to Actions – use the sidebar space and have images on your post sharing a resource



As I mentioned before, you can’t simply rely on the host doing all the heavy lifting, and if you are, you are giving up control over how you are positioned, level of exposure, and you are leaving leads and money on the table.

Here are 5 Ways to Distribute

  1. Email Your List – share tips from the episode (and share a call to action!)
  2. LinkedIn Newsletter or Article
  3. Publish the Video in YouTube (yep ask for the raw video)
  4. LinkedIn Profile/Featured Section
  5. Social Media Platforms 



As I mentioned earlier, I was on a show and the video clip they used to share the episode did not paint me in the best light. It did not position me as an expert or shared how I can help someone and what my ‘superpower’ is. It was rather frustrating. 

You can take CONTROL back on how you show up online and how that episode is used by creating your OWN content from the episode.

  1. Quote Graphics
  2. Carousels
  3. Short Video Clips / Reels / YouTube Shorts

Extra tips when creating consumable videos…

  • Instagram & Facebook Reels are up to 60 seconds
  • YouTube shorts are up to 60 seconds
  • Square videos can be longer – but you want them to still be short
  • Experiment with 15 and 30 seconds
  • Have captions so people can read it (videos don’t always auto play or have the sound on)
  • Capture only one thought or idea, tip or sentiment. And make sure it can ‘stand alone’ and someone will understand it without listening to the whole episode.



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