5 Effective Mobile Marketing Tips

Jun 18, 2014

Effective Mobile Marketing Tips

Source: Jim Palmer, via No Hassle Social Media

mobile marketing tips

Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile marketing is an integral part of today’s marketing plan, and you can be assured it’s not going anywhere. In fact, those businesses that recognize the power of mobile marketing are going to enjoy the benefits.

1. Consider Your Connection Speeds
Around 40% of the top consumer advertisers have already optimized their advertising for mobile devices. They also know that connection speeds are slower on mobile devices so those pages that don’t fit properly or are heavy in bandwidth use will run very slowly and will cause most viewers to hit the ‘back button.’ It’s important for you to keep the connection speeds in mind when you are designing your pages. Optimized pages will get the views and that’s key.

2. Mobile Marketing Should be at the Heart of Your Business
It won’t be long in the future where mobile marketing will be the norm, not a niche, because the majority of consumers will actually be viewing sites off mobile devices. Keep this in mind.

3. Native Advertising Has the Ability to Drive Sales
Native advertising is informative, enjoyable, engaging and fun and more importantly consumers find it helpful. It shapes opinions, helps consumers make decisions and it influences sales.

4. Invest in Your Mobile Landing Page
A key marketing tactic is to ensure you have a good mobile landing page. There are even situations where a mobile page is more important than building multiple channels, which can cause you to spread yourself too thin. Considering the recent Google stats, it is certainly worth your effort to invest in a mobile landing page.
• 95% of smartphone users search for local information.
• 61% of smartphone users called after searching for local information.
• 59% of smartphone users visited in person after searching for local information.

5. Mobile Marketing Needs to be Relevant to Consumers
Ultimately, when a consumer wants to connect with your brand there’s a high likelihood that it will be on a mobile device, so that means that your mobile marketing needs to be relevant, on point, and cause the consumer to act. Do not overwhelm consumers on a small screen.

These 5 effective mobile marketing tips can help make your marketing a success.

GUEST POST: Jim Palmer