Using AI For Marketing Your Podcast – Your Secret Weapon

Aug 30, 2023

AI for Marketing

AI is HOT – but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. There are a ton of tools out there so what should you use, how do you use them and how can they help your business and productivity? 

Learn from Denise Wakeman, co-founder of the AI success club as she shares insider secrets that help you see the benefits, without the confusion so you can save time.

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The Evolution of AI [00:02:32] Denise discusses her experience with AI, comparing it to the impact of blogging in 2004.

The Power of AI in Business [00:03:54] Denise shares how AI has transformed her colleague’s business model and led to the creation of a successful club.

Benefits of AI for Content Creation [00:07:24] Denise explains how AI can help podcasters and marketers save time and money by generating show notes, social media captions, scripts, and more.

The importance of specific prompts [00:13:37] Using specific prompts leads to more targeted and personalized content, as opposed to generic responses.

Creating original content through podcasting [00:15:08] Podcasts generate unique content through interviews and conversations, which can be transcribed and repurposed in various ways.

Refining prompts and using positive language [00:24:26] Refining prompts and using positive language helps improve the effectiveness of AI tools, resulting in better responses and content.

Verifying Quotes and Facts [00:29:39] The importance of fact-checking and verifying quotes before publishing them to ensure accuracy.

Don’t Trust, Verify [00:30:07] The need to double-check information and not blindly trust what is generated by AI tools.

Future of Audio Tools [00:38:37] Discussion on the potential advancements in audio tools, including generating music and voice based on prompts.

The importance of transparency with AI [00:41:25] Discussion on the need to be transparent when using AI in engagement with the audience, such as chatbots.

Using personal content for thought leadership [00:42:16] The benefits of focusing on personal content creation to establish thought leadership and maintain control over one’s voice and message.

The AI Success Club [00:43:42] Introduction to the AI Success Club, its purpose, and the resources it offers to help small business owners and content creators navigate AI.


Discovering the Potential of AI

Denise has been involved in podcasting since 2005, and her recent foray into AI has been nothing short of transformative. She likened the potential of AI to the impact blogging had on small businesses back in 2004. Her colleague, Andy O’Brien, initially had reservations about AI, but he quickly recognized its potential and revamped his entire business model. This inspired Denise to share her knowledge with her audience through webinars and eventually led to the creation of a successful AI-focused club with over 400 members.

The Efficiency and Time-Saving Benefits of AI

Denise and I delved into the efficiency and time-saving benefits of using AI for podcasters and marketers. AI can assist with tasks such as generating show notes, social media content, scripts, and analyzing audience data. It can also be used for brainstorming ideas and creating content calendars. The speed and convenience of using AI tools are invaluable, especially for solo business owners where time is a precious commodity.

The Power of Prompts with ChatGPT

We discussed the power of using prompts with ChatGPT to create specific and targeted content. The key is to be specific in your prompts to get the desired results. For instance, instead of asking for a generic blog post, ask for an outline targeted towards a specific audience, like hairdressers wanting to start a podcast for women over 50. By providing more specific prompts, you can get more targeted and original content.

The Unique Nature of Podcasting

Podcasting is unique in that content is created through conversations and interviews. When transcribing and using AI tools like ChatGPT, you can generate original content from these conversations. By using prompts, you can create summaries, social media posts, show notes, and more based on the original content.

Refining Prompts and Understanding AI

Denise shared her experience with using prompts and how she has learned to be more specific and focused in her requests. It can be overwhelming at first, but by understanding how to input the right prompts, you can get the desired output. Prompts can be used in various ways, such as developing goals, brainstorming topics, creating content marketing plans, and even refining the prompts themselves.

Tools and Strategies for Podcasting

We also discussed various tools and strategies for podcasting. I mentioned that I needed a 62-second audio clip to introduce my podcast episode and asked for suggestions on potential guest names and episode ideas that would appeal to my target audience of 20 to 30-year-old professionals. We also emphasized the importance of fact-checking and verifying information before publishing it.

Denise shared her experience of receiving a quote from a well-known online marketing professional, Neil Patel, but realizing the need to verify its authenticity. We agreed on the importance of not blindly trusting information and always double-checking facts and quotes.

Podcasting Tools We Use

We discussed the tools we use for podcasting. I use Descript for editing audio and creating clips, and Headliner for creating audiograms. I also recommended Cast Magic for generating show notes and keywords. We also mentioned using Grammarly for proofreading and editing, Otter for transcription, and Audio Notes for recording and summarizing audio notes.

The Future of Podcasting

We also touched on the future of podcasting and the potential advancements in audio and image generation. Tools that can help podcasters create intro and outro music based on prompts, as well as advancements in voice generation to create AI voices that closely resemble the podcaster’s voice, are on the horizon.

Humanizing AI and Legal Issues

We discussed the importance of humanizing AI and being transparent when using it in audience engagement. We also touched on the legal issues surrounding AI and the need to stay informed. Denise emphasized the value of focusing on content that she has personally created or is creating through audio or video, as it ensures that her voice and message are being distributed.

The Success Club

Before wrapping up, Denise shared information about her Success Club, which she co-founded with Andy O’Bryan. The club focuses on helping individuals gain more visibility and utilize AI in their marketing and copywriting efforts. They provide weekly themed prompts, monthly live Q&A sessions, and training sessions with experts. The club aims to alleviate overwhelm by offering guidance and fostering a supportive community.


About Denise

Denise Wakeman, co-founder of the AI Success Club and founder of Marketing Trailblazers, has been helping small businesses since 1996 through innovative content marketing and now integrating AI strategies and tools. Her curiosity shapes her passion for experimenting and learning about new marketing frontiers. An early adopter in the digital landscape, Denise is a valuable ally for small and solo business owners aiming to boost visibility and growth.


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