Cracking the Code: Use This AI Tool To Skyrocket Podcast Growth

Jul 19, 2023

Use This AI Tool To Skyrocket Podcast Growth

Does this sound familiar? You spend hours creating incredible podcast episodes, pouring your heart and soul into each one. But somehow, you’re not reaching the wider audience you dream of. Maybe you’ve been told to simply share your episodes on social media and hope for the best. 

But let’s face it – that’s an ineffective action that leaves you feeling frustrated and unseen. The pain of pouring your energy into content creation without seeing the audience growth you desire is real. It’s time to break free from this cycle and explore the revolutionary role of AI in repurposing content for podcasters. 

I chat to Podsqueeze creator Tiago who shares how AI can help automate and repurpose content, and some tips on how to use the AI. I even learned something new about time stamps! 

Let’s take a listen.

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In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover AI’s unprecedented impact on reshaping the podcasting industry.
  • Understand the significance of show notes in enhancing podcasting experiences.
  • Gain insights into the usage of AI for generating captivating podcast episode titles.
  • Explore AI’s potential in optimizing content recycling for newsletters.
  • Comprehend the advantages of maintaining consistent audience communication via emails.


The key moments in this episode are:

Tiago 1

Repurposing Content with Pod Squeeze
Pod Squeeze is a platform that leverages the power of AI to help podcasters repurpose their content. In the dynamic world of podcasting, standing out and consistently delivering value to the audience is crucial. Quite often, podcasters spend a significant amount of time creating content; however, the content’s potential isn’t fully utilized. This is where Pod Squeeze comes in. It aids in repurposing the content into various forms, enabling podcasters to reach their audience across different channels, thereby increasing engagement. 

Podsqueeze generates different assets such as show notes, titles, and timestamps. Tthese assets can be edited to align with one’s brand’s voice and personality, freeing up time for podcasters to focus on other critical aspects of their show.

Importance of Show Notes
Show notes play a pivotal role in the realm of podcasts. They not only offer a sneak peek into an episode’s content, but they also enhance the episode’s discoverability through search engines. Show notes, rich with relevant keywords and links, are crucial SEO assets. Online users often search for specific topics or keywords relevant to their interests, making a meticulously crafted show note an excellent means to capture potential listeners’ attention. 

Well-structured and keyword-rich show notes significantly help in grabbing listeners’ attention and aiding them in their decision to listen to an episode. SEO-friendly show notes will activate traffic-driving power plus act as teasers that would pull potential listeners into tuning into the complete episode.


Benefits of Email Marketing
In contrast to the fleeting nature of social media buzz, email marketing offers a more direct, consistent, and meaningful form of communication with your audience. Regularly emailing your listener-base with episode updates, valuable resources, and personal anecdotes help in building strong bonds with them. It’s about nurturing a committed, engaged community around your podcast that resonates with your purpose and content. 

Drawing from her own experience, Lyndsay shared her email marketing approach during the conversation. She stays regularly connected with her audience base, sharing vital updates about her podcast, alongside offering valuable resources. She believes in the power of regular engagement via emails to remain top of mind and successfully serve her audience with meaningful content consistently.

Spotify’s Smart Segmentation
One might wonder how to make navigating through extensive podcasts easy for listeners. Here’s where Spotify’s smart segmentation feature comes to the rescue. Using timestamps from show notes, Spotify can automatically segment episodes, making it a breeze for listeners to navigate through various sections of the episode. This granular level of accessibility boosts audience experience and satisfaction. 

Tiago shared his experience of using Smart Segmentation on Spotify during the discussion. He discovered that timestamps from the show notes were parsed by Spotify to segment the episode automatically. This intriguing revelation surprised Lyndsay and got her thinking about using a similar mechanism for generating video snippets and reels.

Creating Catchy Titles
The journey of an episode from the publishing stage to the listener’s ears begins with a captivating title. An intriguing title teases the content of the episode and sparks curiosity in potential listeners’ minds. A well-crafted title ramps up the ‘clickability’ quotient of the episode and improves its visibility across channels. Starting your title with a question related to the episode’s content is an effective method to catch the listener’s attention and increase conversion rates.

About Tiago

Tiago is a software developer turned entrepreneur and for the past 2 years he has been building businesses and narrating his journey in his podcast. Two months ago, together with co founder Joao, they created podsqueeze

Next Action Steps: 

  • Visit to learn more about their AI tool for podcasters.
  • Create show notes for your episodes (even if YOU are the guest)
  • When using AI generated show noets and social media, customize and edit to match your brand and voice 
  • Share your show notes on various platforms to improve SEO and attract new listeners.
  • Consider adding timestamps to your show notes to enhance the user experience on platforms like Spotify.
  • Use the time stamps to find great soundbites and create video snippets to share on social media


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