You likely have heard of Alexa and love telling her to switch off the lights or play your favorite band or add items to your shopping list, but did you know ‘Alexa marketing’ and Amazon Alexa Skills are a HUGE opportunity for business growth?

According to Google, 20% of mobile searches in 2016 were voice searches in the Google App. Folks use Google Home as well BUT Amazon (with Alexa) holds a 76% market share. 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 (source: comScore). We talk to our phones and Alexa devices to access information, for entertainment and more. 

Some call it Alexa Marketing, some call it Smart Speaker Marketing or Voice Marketing, either which way, here is what it looks like.

Flash Briefings – It is the most widely used skills on Alexa or Echo Device. It’s a way for folks to get the news about your business. Example. I have the Smooth Business Growth Flash Update. I share some content marketing news in under 2 minutes and folks can add it to their list of the ‘news’ they get in the morning. It’s a way for me to be in their homes, their lives and speak to my audience personally. 

Podcast Skill – Yes you can have your podcast on the Amazon Echo Device too! It requires a special set up and developer account with Amazon to push to ‘Alexa’. So your audience can also subscribe to your podcast through Alexa, subscribe and listen to it when they want while puttering about the house or on the go!

Don’t know where to start? That’s okay – we take care of it all!


  • Music
  • Script Creation
  • Cover Art
  • Amazon Developer Account Set Up
  • Hosting Service Set Up
  • Copy writing your title and description
  • Set up and publishing 5 episodes


  • Creating weekly scripts for you to record 
  • Social Media images for each episode
  • Publish the audio hosting
  • Emailing your list once a week to share the episodes and promote subscription
  • Social Media posts to share the episodes and promote subscription
  • Publish in LinkedIn Pulse once a week

*Custom Packages Created


  • Amazon Developer Account Set Up
  • App set up that connects the podcast to Alexa

*For a podcast that is already airing