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Oct 10, 2019

Amplify Your Message Now!

We’re excited to let you know that Lyndsay Phillips was recently interviewed on the Amplify Your Success Podcast with Melanie Benson. These two master podcasters talked about how business owners can amplify their message with a rapidly growing platform: podcasts.


What Are Podcasts, and Why Is Podcast Marketing Important?

Let’s clarify some things to get you started with podcast marketing. What are podcasts, anyway? Well, simply put, podcasts are audio shows that cover different topics, from business to health and are, thus, perfect to amplify your message. Podcasts are not radio shows because you don’t have to tune in and hear them live. You can subscribe to a podcast of your liking, and the episodes will be delivered to you each week (or twice a week, once a month, etc.). Then, you download the podcast episodes and listen to them anytime and anywhere!

Podcast episodes can be about anything! On Apple Podcasts, Sticher, Spotify, and other directories, there are different topics, genres, and themes you can browse. The podcast format also varies. Interview shows, co-host episodes, solocasts – you name it. There’s something for everyone. And each niche is relevant and has a particular podcast audience. You just need to find your unique thing!

Podcasts offer completely original content, especially the ones that are fresh on the market. A new podcast needs to attract new listeners, and the best way to do that is by being authentic. The audience appreciates the unique point of view the podcast hosts offer. So, if you have an original idea, you’ll have more chances to stand out to listeners.

However, even if your topic isn’t unique, your approach to it and the ways you promote your podcast can help you stand out and reach new listeners. This is why podcast marketing is so important; it can increase the number of listeners you have and grow your overall business.

Podcast Studio

How Do I Get More Podcast Listeners?

Podcast promotion ain’t easy, but Smooth Sailing Business Growth can guide you through it. We’re using different podcast marketing tactics to amplify your audience and help you reach your target podcast listeners.

This goes beyond creating great content for all of your episodes. So, what are some ways to promote a podcast?

  • Networking with other podcasters. Word of mouth is so important when it comes to podcasting! Getting a shoutout from another podcast host will highly beneficial for your podcast promotion. People trust a strong recommendation from their favorite podcaster, so you want to make sure to get that kind of recommendation.
  • Being a podcast guest. Help another podcast host create an amazing episode, and you’ll get free exposure. Promote their podcast, and you’ll get promotion in return!
  • Ask each podcast guest to share their podcast episode. This will allow you to tap into their audience so you can grow your podcast. This kind of podcast promotion benefits both of you because your podcast will also be promoting your guests’ ideas.
  • Be strong on iTunes, Sticher, and other directories. People browse the feed in search of new audio content they can tune into. So, how do you stand out in directories? First, make sure you are on several directories; no one can find you if you don’t show up in search results. Then, level up by having a great title, picture, and description of the show. Also, make sure to follow the submission rules of each directory so you can keep your podcast on multiple platforms.
  • Build a good podcast website. You need a great landing page, separate pages for each episode with an audio player, and clearly stated contact info. Of course, you should optimize your website to appear in search results. Podcast shows need to be SEO friendly. Use different keywords for each episode, optimize your show notes, get links from other websites, etc. In simple words, make it easy for listeners to find you.
  • Make a splash with podcast launch. All your efforts in promoting your podcast will be in vain if your launch is weak. You should have a launch party for the first episode and invite EVERYONE. You now have a podcast – it’s quite a big deal! The optimal number for podcast launch is three to four episodes because you want to spark people’s interest but not overdo it.

Podcast promotion is about finding the most optimal marketing mix. Don’t hesitate to use the usual marketing strategies to reach new subscribers, such as:

  • Email marketing. You should inform people on your email list about new episodes and invite them to share. Make sure to especially utilize emails to remind your guests that the episode is live and ready for sharing!
  • Content marketing. You need to be creating blog posts or videos with a link to your podcast episodes. Having a give away contest is also a great way to reach new listeners.
  • Activity on social channels. Share your podcast on social media: Instagram, Facebook groups, Twitter, Reddit, everywhere you can! Make sure not to limit your posts to mere promotion. Also engage with potential listeners; this will be a great strategy for gaining new subscribers!
  • Paid advertising. It doesn’t hurt to get a couple of targeted podcast ads here and there.

How Do I Market My Podcast?

Podcast marketing starts the moment you click the record button. If you don’t have quality content (with great sound quality), all your marketing efforts won’t grow your podcast. Listeners will be able to find your podcast, but if you don’t have the substance, they’ll move on. You need to provide value for your target audience, and they will stay on as listeners. Sounds simple, right?

Once you have a couple of truly amazing episodes ready, you can move on to other steps of a solid podcast marketing strategy that we mentioned in previous sections. Follow this basic rule: share your podcast everywhere! Leverage the content from the podcast as much as you can. Use ideas from every episode to create different social media posts, ask podcast guests for reviews and shares, promote a podcast in various social media groups, update your podcast website with links to news episodes – you know the drill.

One thing that many podcasters lack in their podcast promotion is a strong call to action, not just the generic “like, share, subscribe” that everyone keeps repeating, rather something that will further amplify your message. You need calls to action that work! Put yourself in your listeners’ shoes and visualize what kind of support they can give you. Something simple can go a long way, like:

“Hey, guys, if you like this show, I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time from your busy schedule to leave a review so other people can hear it, too.”

When you’re just starting with podcast marketing, don’t hesitate to ask your friends to help. To amplify your message using podcast marketing means going beyond just making them listeners on your show. If your friends promote your podcast with links on their social networks, this can be an immediate bolster to your marketing strategy and amplify your message. They can help you promote every episode, not just new ones. This is a great way to get started, and it doesn’t hurt to ask people for help.

Whatever way to promote a podcast you choose, make sure to be interesting and not too pushy. Remember to provide value to the listeners by creating insightful and substantial content for all of your episodes, that way they will be willing to help amplify your message. Your listeners should WANT to hear each new episode so they can recommend them to another person. Word of mouth is the single best way to grow your podcast business and get more people to become listeners.

Podcast Microphone to amplify your message

Don’t Be Afraid

If you are a business owner, you should definitely consider hosting your own podcast as it is one of the best ways to amplify your message. Being the host of your own show is a great way to attract more clients, as well as to position yourself as an influential authority in your field. But the thought of adding one more task to your plate can be scary. On top of everything, you may have no idea how to get started in podcast hosting.

However, there’s no need to freak out if your struggling to amplify your message. We can guide you through the entire process! We’ll teach you how to launch your first episodes, promote your podcast, build your audience of listeners, and grow your business with ease! Schedule your FREE consultation so we can talk more about podcast marketing.