8 Ways To Attract More Clients Into Your Coaching Business

Sep 14, 2016

Attract more clients and grow  your business.

Attract More ClientsWe all want more clients to grow our business, whether it’s coaching, dentistry, accounting or otherwise. I work with a lot of coaches (business, lifestyle, tax, niche…) and I’ve seen first hand what works (and implemented it!).

  1. Blogs – you MUST have a blog on your website to bring new content weekly to your audience.Tweet: You MUST have a weekly #blog to bring new #content to your audience. Here's why: http://ctt.ec/3GR07+ You want potential clients to see YOU as the expert in your field – and blogs help show that. Write about what you know in your business, what you coach people about. Don’t be afraid to give some of the ‘gold’ and ‘goods’ away – it’s this great content that will have them coming back and wanting to know MORE about you.
  1. Videos – finding the right coach is a very personal thing. Your prospects want to feel like they know you, trust you and feel a connection WAY before they say yes to working with you. What better way to …

a) show your personality

b) show you care

c) show that you are relatable and

d) show you know your stuff and how you can help them in a video!

One of my clients – his target market is 60% more likely to ‘digest’ a video than any other medium. They see his energy, his passion, hear his story and gleans his strategies through them.

  1. Podcast Show – don’t underestimate the power of podcasting.Tweet: Don't underestimate the power of #podcasting - check out the stats - http://ctt.ec/34430+ In 2015 alone – 46 million Americans 13 and up listened to podcasts on a regular basis. Wow, right?! Tap into that audience. Have a podcast show with just you delivering content, or interview guest experts – plus try to get on some shows yourself to increase your reach and exposure. It extends your reach as of course the guests/hosts share the content to their lists too and so on.
  1. Free Resources – Again, you want to give folks a ton of value and information away for free – in exchange for what? Why emails of course. The goal here is to build your email list so that you can educate, interact, engage and bring them through your sales funnel and market to them.
  1. Email List – So of course the resources and sign ups are what enables you to market to them. Keep in touch with them and send them content – your latest videos, podcasts or exclusive opportunities or content. When they sign up for resources – have auto-responders and a sales funnel sequence. Send them through a tripwire to influence them to purchase something small and then say yes to bigger offers.
  1. Online (and/or live events)– My clients that are the most successful have live events – where quite often registrants sign up for coaching. (Albeit their events provide HUGE value and strategies – it’s by no means a pitch fest). They often do online events to

a) get them on the e-list

b) bring them into the sales funnel and

c) market to them to get them to the live event.

These FREE online trainings (webinars, teleseminars, livestream event, google hangout – whichever method you choose) bring leads into your circle – they get to know you, build a relationship with you, get help and strategies at the event and are more likely to say YES to working with you long term.

  1. Have a call to action – it’s great to have all these videos, blogs and content – but you need to ask for the sale so to speak – get them to take action. Have them sign up for strategy call, sign up for a FREE or paid or live event. You need to bring them further into the funnel and say yes to one of your products or services in order for them to become a customer.
  1. Social Media – make sure you are connected, engage and interact on social media. Let everyone know about the FREE resources, blogs, videos, podcasts that you have out there to bring them to your website and learn more of what you do best. Share stories, testimonials, text graphics, info graphics, memes, fun images. Show your personality and what you know and how you can serve them best.

I have touched upon some of the major areas and things that many of my clients have done to achieve their success. It’s the framework that will bring you more exposure, more connections, more potential clients, more revenue, more freedom – and most importantly – serve more people authentically doing what you love. If you take steps to get these elements implemented into your business you will be well on your way too!

Don’t forget – I have served many coaching clients, like you, get started or take their business to the next level by project managing and implementing all these above steps (and many more I might add) – and I can do that for you too. Reach out to see how I can serve you best – info@SmoothBusinessGrowth.comTweet: You want to earn a living doing what you do best? Learn from us on how to implement - http://ctt.ec/j7FA8+