Become a media mogul with Timothy Craggette

Feb 19, 2019

Today’s SEO’d world ranks impressions over legitimacy and it comes down to a number’s game. In order to get the most out of the media’s increasing reach, you have to be newsworthy. Today we are going to learn how to become a media mogul with serial entrepreneur, coach, and host of The Swift Kick Show, Timothy Craggette.

Become a Media Mogul!

  • What are some misconceptions when it comes to media attention? What do we THINK we need and what do we REALLY need?
  • What outlets work best for starting out?
  • What are some tools to help us get featured?
  • When it comes to media it seems we want to reach for the stars – why does starting with the smaller outlets make more sense though – how will it help?
  • What’s newsjacking and how can that further you in the media sphere?
  • What has the term fake news done to the credibility of media?
  • What is your take on paid media?

Timothy D. Craggette is a serial entrepreneur, an educator, and coach for small business entrepreneurship and marketing. He has trained business owners globally through his online coaching and his radio show, “The Swift Kick Show”, on WERA 96.7 FM. As a member of the NBEA, he has spoken at the University of Maryland, NIH, FDA, and on stages nationally on the topics of business and health. As a member of the entrepreneurship advisory board for The Yleana Leadership Academy, he serves as an advisor and mentor to teenagers in underserved communities. Timothy is also a 6x award-winning product creator and engineer with over $300,000,000 in sales.