Making The Most Of Facebook Ads: A Beginner’s Guide


Making The Most Of Facebook Ads

While Facebook itself may be intuitive and user-friendly, running a successful Facebook ad campaign is not as simple and straightforward. Making mistakes in your campaign can end up resulting in a lower ROI than you expected, and it can also prevent you from using this very effective advertising option in the future.

To help you to get your Facebook ad campaign off to a good start, here are some current and timely tips to keep in mind.

Know Your Target Audience

While this may seem evident, many Facebook ads fall into the “just blast it out to everyone” theory of advertising. Not only does this end up costing more, but it will not generate leads, specifically qualified leads.

Understanding who you are marketing to and the type of content they are going to like, share and interact with is critical.Tweet: Understanding who ur marketing to & the type of content they're going to like, share & interact with is critical. This allows you to create posts that will generate the interest of your prospective leads, not just any user on the platform.

Develop Your Landing Page

Within your Facebook ad campaign, you will be directing qualified leads to your landing page or pages depending on the complexity of the campaign you are using. There is no point in getting people to a website if it doesn’t meet the expectations in the ad, or it looks outdated, or it doesn’t match what the ad is promoting. This will hurt your efforts, but it can create a very negative branding concern.

Not only will this turn off prospective leads, but it will increase your bounce rate. High bounce rates from landing pages will drop your website in the search engine results.

Use Images Wisely

Images in Facebook advertising are a key component of engaging your target audience.Tweet: Images in Facebook advertising are a key component of engaging your target audience. Do you use them? Using unique, interesting, and even captivating images will grab attention and make your ad stand out from the constant stream of ads most people will see. Make sure you check your Ad Image with Facebook’s 20% text rule.  Click here for their ‘ruler’.

Pairing a visually appealing or engaging image with a well-crafted, 90 character message for the body of the ad is going to create curiosity. This curiosity can then lead to the person going to your site, making ongoing marketing with longer posts and greater diversity a very real possibility.

Strategy to any Facebook ad campaign is important. The frequency of ads, creating new looks for ads and engaging leads once they visit your site will all be essential to success.

You can test out your own campaigns with smaller budgets or go big, using a Facebook Ad Company who know the complexities of Look A Like Audiences, Re-targeting or Re-marketing, Custom Audiences – and more. 


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