The Power of Being Organized with Janet M Taylor

Aug 1, 2016

The Power of Being Organized with Janet M Taylor

The Power of Being Organized with Janet M Taylor

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The Power of Being Organized with Janet M Taylor


In this week’s episode of the Sailing to Success Podcast Show, Lyndsay Phillips interviews Janet Taylor. Janet saves businesses and clients time and money by helping them organize and streamline their operations and life. Find out how being organized can change the way you live your life.


  • What is the point of being organized?
  • How did you get started in the organization space?
  • Can you be too organized?
  • What are the different kinds of clutter?
  • Do you have any tips for your workspace?


Being Organized

  • Being organized helps you save time, money, and sanity.
  • Having an organizational system for your home and business reduces the amount of clutter you experience in your life.
  • If you environment is unorganized, your mind and thoughts will reflect that.
  • Start small and then work on applying a system to bigger things.
  • People are often overwhelmed by the task in front of them, the trick is to break the task down and start somewhere small.
  • Purge the things you don’t need, projects, clothes, paperwork.
  • Keep your system simple.
  • You can be organized without being obsessive compulsive.
  • Everyone has different needs, customize your system so that it works for you.
  • Purge before you purchase. 80% of the things we keep we never reference again.
  • Buy exactly what you need.
  • When it comes to emotional items or memories, it’s ok if you’re not ready to get rid of it.
  • Categorize your items to make your decisions easier. Sell, donate, garbage, keep.

Janet’s History

  • Janet was inspired by another woman who gave talks to businesses about organization.
  • Janet’s natural talents of organization were noticed by the people she spent a lot of time with.
  • After doing some research and joining the national and local groups of organizers Janet set out on her own.


  • There are different kinds of clutter, physical, mind, and digital.
  • Digital clutter is redundant images, and extra devices, or wasted space or apps you don’t need or use anymore.
  • Mind clutter is when your schedule and to do list becomes overwhelming. Write down your tasks so you can get them out of your head.


  • Clean and clear your workspace at the end of the day.
  • When it comes to projects keep all your assets in one place.
  • Can you go paperless?


  • Have a special place for your keys.
  • Have a retention schedule for how long you will keep documents. File, don’t archive.
  • Reverse your hangers, at the end of the year if the hanger direction hasn’t changed you haven’t worn the piece of clothing and you should probably get rid of it.

Final Tips

  • Create a system of organization that works for you.
  • Purging your existing clutter is always the first step.
  • Start with something small like arranging your shoes, then move on to bigger tasks.

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