50 Benefits Of A Virtual Assistant

50 benefits of a virtual assistant and what they can do for you!

benefits of a virtual assistant

How a VA can give you your time back and help you grow your business.

I’ve heard so many times where an entrepreneur has been overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do. They reply late to emails, don’t have enough hours in a day to get things done, projects keep going on the back burner, social media posts become inconsistent (if they happen at all) yet they have so much they want to accomplish to grow their business. Sound familiar? Learn the benefits of a virtual assistant to be more successful- just ask Michael Hyatt about his experience using a VA (Virtual Assistant).Tweet: Learn about the benefits of a Virtual Assistant from an #entrepreneur: http://ctt.ec/dU08h+

Yet – they aren’t sure HOW a virtual assistant can help them or what they can do to take things off their plate. Well here is a quick list of how a VA can help YOU in your business. It’s not complete list – but will give you some food for thought on what you can off load – so that you can focus on revenue generating tasks, your passion, growing your business and hey – maybe even some free time!

    1. First step is to just do some research and discovery.
    2. Set up a CRM for leads, clients & sales
    3. Managing your CRM – updates, reports, new contacts etc
    4. Email marketing – broadcasts, promotional emails, sales funnels and ‘ezines’
    5. Customer surveys
    6. Edit website and update content
    7. Podcast management and production
    8. Create communication letters, emails, templates, quotes and more
    9. Client onboarding – set up system and manage and implement
    10. PDF documents
    11. Manage membership sites
    12. Laying out, printing and mailing regular client newsletters (using your content)
    13. Design of fliers, brochures, price lists, product lists, calendars etc (using your logo or artwork)
    14. Manage your mailing lists (including new subscribers, un-subscribes, removing “bounced” addresses etc)
    15. Provide you with statistical reports on open rates and click through rates etc.
    16. Content creation for emails and social media posts
    17. Social media content and pre-scheduling
    18. Manage your @admin or @enquiries email address and handle any enquiries, sale bookings etc on your behalf and forward anything that requires your attention.
    19. Manage your email.
    20. Online events like webinars, teleseminars– set up, promote, co-ordinate and moderate
    21. Design registration forms, take registrations and process payments
    22. Prepare handout material, booklets etc for live events
    23. Landing Pages and opt ins and back end autoresponders
    24. Manage ecommerce applications like 1 Shopping Cart, Infusion Soft etc  Tweet: We can manage ecommerce applications like 1 Shopping Cart, Infusion Soft etc #BenefitsOfAVirtualAssistant http://ctt.ec/3dZuS+
    25. Manage and track client payments, recurring charges and declines
    26. Handle customer support emails and inquiries
    27. Manage your calendar and schedule
    28. Prepare agendas and distribute to attendees
    29. Send client gifts for birthdays, special occasions or just as a ‘thank you’
    30. Send Christmas cards and gifts to your clients and colleagues
    31. Pay your bills or send you reminders when they are due
    32. Proofread your articles/documents before you post/send
    33. Prepare welcome packages or orientation materials and send them to your new employees
    34. Power Point Presentations
    35. Online research
    36. Set up your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and provide advice on usage
    37. Provide buttons for use on your website to encourage visitors to ‘fan’ or ‘follow’ your pages
    38. Convert your eBook or manuscript into a series of Facebook posts or Twitter tweets
    39. Moderate any comments received from your websites
    40. Video Marketing implementation
    41. Create ebooks
    42. Manage Dropbox or Google Drive
    43. Assist in the preparation of documents (including policies, templates, reports, style guides, tenders & contracts)
    44. Develop and/or update your procedure manuals
    45. Handle book or product orders
    46. Track expenses  benefits of a virtual assistant
    47. Get meetings, podcasts, coaching calls transcribed
    48. Schedule your coaching calls
    49. Manage text message programs
    50. Manage client/member benefits

These are just 50 benefits of a virtual assistant – there are more.Tweet: These are just 50 benefits of a virtual assistant - there are more. Ask us how we can help at http://ctt.ec/2Pmy6+ Even if you find 2-3 things on that list that you can take off your plate – imagine the sense of relief – the peace of mind that it’s handled and time it frees up for you! Go ahead and start with ONE task – trust me – you’ll like it! And of course – contact us at Smooth Sailing Online Support for your content marketing and business growth needs – 484-284-0933 info@ssonlinesupport.com

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