One of My Best Business Tools – Zoom

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Today I talk about Zoom – one of my best business tools that I use in my business.

Hi everyone welcome to another great episode of smooth sailing online support TV.  

I am your hosting captain Lyndsay Phillips and today I thought it would be fun to have a little co-host here Molly.  

She keeps me company in my office and she sleeps most of the day but she’s my little buddy.  

Today I wanted to talk to you,  not about my cat, actually but about zoom.  It’s really taking off.  

I’m actually filming this video with zoom using my WebCam of course.

I’m going to test it out along with a few other options to see what I like the best, but I’m also going to be using zoom for my podcast show so instead of Skype or a tele-seminar, I’m going to be using zoom so it should be interesting.  

I know a few other people using it as well. Another great use for zoom is just for audio meetings, video meetings whether it’s just between you and one other person or multiple people.

I’ve had plenty of zoom conferences where someone else like from infusionsoft or whatever is showing me how to do something specifically so they can actually share their screen and show me what’s going on and talk to me through the audio which is awesome.  

If you have any clients you need to do tutorials with our show them something or even put on an event of some kind or live stream you can share screens you can show your face, just a really good free tool. It does have paid options of course for extra benefits.  

The other thing that a couple of my clients have used them for a group online events in that for their clients they are having all their members throughout the state login and then they get to access some of the material that the coach is teaching, kind of like a virtual online course or event.  

It has worked really well, easy for people to login super easy to use and user-friendly, easy to grab material. I didn’t even look at the care tutorials, I just kind of dove in and started so it’s super easy.   That’s my smooth sailing business tip for the week.  

If you find yourself peering through the choppy waters of fast-paced business growth yourself reach out to myself and my amazing team you can find us at and you can email me directly at  Until the next episode of smooth sailing online support TV…

Have a productive and profitable week and made a winds always be behind your back.  

One of My Best Business Tools - Zoom

One of My Best Business Tools – Zoom

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