Boost Your Credibility By Planting Seeds In Your Marketing

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Boost Your Credibility

What can be a better way to boost your credibility and expert status than by casually planting seeds? What do we mean by this? Sharing that you are an author, your successes, podcast, books, programs, speaking opportunities and more in all your marketing and sales efforts. Aaron and Lyndsay share HOW you can weave this easily into your marketing and sales calls to create a Wow Factor, boost credibility and share HOW you can help your ideal client. It’s a way of being very intentional with your language without being ‘salesy’ or overt.

What can you ‘seed’ in your marketing or sales calls?

  • your books
  • your podcast
  • your success as a coach/investor
  • your Facebook Group
  • your programs
  • your products
  • your speaking experience


Where can you seed?

  • When you are speaking on stage
  • During podcast interviews
  • In your videos
  • In live Facebooks
  • In sales conversations
  • In your books
  • In emails
  • Honestly – anywhere!


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