Boost Your Money Mindset & Revenue With Tanya Conner-Green

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Money Mindset

Boost Your Money Mindset & Revenue

We are chatting with Tanya Conner-Green who has been coaching female entrepreneurs who are struggling to make money in their business since 2015 and she’s going to share how to charge for your services to move the needle!

So Let’s set sail:

  • What are the biggest mistakes we do as entrepreneurs when it comes to pricing our products and services?
  • Why do we struggle with knowing what to charge?
  • You coach people around Money Mindset – what does that mean?
  • What can we do to improve our money mindset?
  • What can we do to boost our profits and charge more?
  • You do not have to work harder – you can work less and make more – many of us don’t believe that.


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