How to Boost your Social Media Engagement in Under 1 Minute!

Feb 14, 2018

Social Media Engagement  

How to Boost your Social Media Engagement in Under 1 Minute!


Hopefully, you know by now that Social Media Marketing is more than just posting content, graphics, and links. It’s about relationship building and interacting with other human beings! I would love to show you how to boost your social site’s engagement in under 1 minute!

Increased engagement will keep you top of mind, will help you keep your audiences and turn them into fans! It affects rankings on platforms and helps you be ‘seen’ more. It actually boosts search engines – they like engagement where social influence is key. It helps build relationships and relationships build businesses and lastly – I mean – come on – it’s more fun!

I often get asked – but HOW do you get more engagement from people on your social media platforms? How do I get more likes and comments? All these tips are super easy and would take under a minute – so no excuse!

Boost Your Social Media Engagement Now

1 – Simply Ask:

You can’t post something and hope that someone will be so driven to comment or share. Sometimes you just have to straight out ask!  On your post simply ask – what do you think – share your comments

2 – Asking For Captions:

We all love humour in our day – why not share a funny picture and ask folks to create a caption for the  picture. So much fun!

Whether you work with one content creator or several make sure they provide consistency in all the content they are providing.

3 – Ask For Input:

We all wonder about new products, new software, new tools – well why not find out if someone else has already used at and how they like it? I’ve done that a lot – “Hey who out there uses xyz – How does it compare to abc. I’m thinking of signing up but want to know if it truly will help me.” People naturally want to help others so feel free to ask!

4 – Get People Involved:

If you are changing up your brand, creating a new product, changing the color of a logo or book, find out what people think. Not only will it give you valuable information, but it gets people involved in the process. Then when you release the change – they’ll feel invested, like they were a part of it.

5 – Ask For Help:

Are you struggling with something, or having some technical issues? Ask for help! People love sharing and bonus – it helps you out! These are the types of things that build relationships and trust. Foster it.

6 – Congratulate Others:

Share other people’s wins and tag them. Ask folks to congratulate them too and get in on the excitement.

7 – Ask Questions:

You can easily alter any of your posts to include a question. Say your video is about ‘hey – social media engagement’ – you can give a tip and then ask – What is your favorite way to boost engagement – or what unusual thing do you do to boost interaction in your posts?

8 – Get Silly:

Yes – we need to post outside of our industry – and do something silly.  If it’s national hot dog day – post some ‘loaded’ hot dog graphics and ask folks what their favorite toppings are.

9 – Polls & Surveys:

Facebook has a way to do Polls and of course there are a ton of software options out there to conduct simple and fun surveys.  Just make sure you keep it short and sweet! Get folks to vote on something.

10 – Reciprocate:

It’s SUPER important that you too comment on other people’s posts, like and share and retweet. They will notice! It will help build relationships and they too will be more inclined to comment on yours.

Many big brands do this right and even hold contests. Get creative!

They key is making a point each week to have at least a few engaging posts to get people involved, to get them commenting, liking and sharing. Any of these posts only take a minute or two!