Broadcast Live On Facebook To Boost Your Marketing!

Aug 22, 2016

Reach your intended audience when you broadcast live on Facebook.

broadcast live on FacebookIf you use social media to market your business, taking advantage of the Facebook Live streaming option can really make a difference in your marketing plan. What does that mean? It means broadcast live on Facebook through video streaming. This is the latest in the live stream trend in marketing, but with the popularity of Facebook over other systems such as Periscope, Blab or YouTube the exposure potential is significant.

In fact – here are some statistics Michael Stelzner shared at Social Media Marketing World in May, 2016.

  • 73 percent of marketers plan to increase use of video in 2016Tweet: 73 percent of marketers plan to increase use of #video in 2016 #FB #livestreaming
  • 58 percent want to improve YouTube knowledge
  • 50 percent will increase use of video in 2016
  • 50 percent of marketers want to learn more about live video
  • 14 percent of marketers are using live videoTweet: 14% of #marketers are using live video #FB #livestreaming

The Possibilities
Imagine the possibilities if you could provide information about your business that could potentially reach even a tiny percentage of the 1.6 billion users on the system each month. As this platform is geared towards specific target audiences and uses algorithms to help put your advertisement in front of those most likely to be interested, expect to see your followers grow.

Just some of the other benefits that marketing using Facebook Live include:

  • Video boosts – Facebook itself is promoting the use of the content provided through the videos. This means that the live videos will be displayed towards the top of the user’s timelines, and it is also a part of the news feed. This is done through embedded algorithms that move these videos up in the feed.
  • Sharing potential – it is no secret that Facebook has reported there is a much higher level of engagement with the live videos than with standard types of posts. In addition, people are more likely to share a well-developed video which promotes more engagement and more sharing potential. This, in turn, boosts organic reach, which in turn promotes your business through the platform.
  • Notification – when you are scheduling a live video, the system allows automatic notification to all your followers and those that like your page. This is a great opportunity to not only engage with your current audience but to have them notify others to watch the live feed, adding additional marketing and promotional value.
  • Archiving – while other platforms do allow for live streaming of videos, they do not allow for archiving. With Facebook Live it is possible to archive a current or past live video on your timeline and have it accessible for anyone to watch at any time. This is a great advantage as it can continue to be shared and engaged with by the target audience.
  • Ease of uploading and downloading – even though the video will be on Facebook, it can also be uploaded and downloaded through YouTube. This provides an even greater level of exposure and engagement for your business.

As an interactive, engaging and intuitively easy platform to use, Facebook offers the perfect option for live streaming of marketing, how-to and helpful information for your target audience.

The massive potential viewing audience and the fact that Facebook itself is promoting the live video posts makes it a clear choice for a way to add value to any social media advertising campaign.

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