Building Profitable Membership Sites with Jonathan Denwood

Jun 25, 2019


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Membership Sites

So many entrepreneurs, including our listeners, have membership based programs and thus membership sites, but they aren’t all created equal, so I’m super pumped to be chatting with WP-Tonic Founder, Jonathan Denwood, who’s going to share how to build profitable online courses and membership sites with the flexibility of WordPress.

  • Membership programs and online courses are a fantastic revenue stream for entrepreneurs but the member area can honestly make or break client retention – can you share WHAT makes a great membership site?
  • What are the options and why is WordPress the BEST solution?
  • What membership plugins work best with WordPress?
  • What are the biggest headaches that entrepreneurs experience when building them?
  • What do people struggle with the most when it comes to their WordPress site?


Founder of WP-Tonic

WHAT I DO: I help eLearning Entrepreneurs; Business & Health Consultants increase revenue through building profitable online courses using the power and flexibility of WordPress.

WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE: I run a leading podcast in the WordPress LMS and membership website space and I have over 10 years experience developing and managing WordPress projects with budgets from $5,000 to over $30.000.

WHY IT MATTERS: If you’ve decided you want to create online courses/membership sites so you can scale and add an additional income stream to your existing business, I can help. I support entrepreneurs and organizations to launch LMS websites that are effective, engaging and get the transformation that the students, are looking for.

I help my clients in three main ways:

Technology strategy sessions: i.e. helping clients with their tech questions to determine what are the best technology solutions for their membership Learning Management System. Help them build their course/membership website so they can concentrate on developing great course content and marketing their course online effectively. This really helps them make more money!

Support and maintain Learning Management Systems (LMS) and membership websites on the WordPress platform which powers 33% of all websites on the internet in 2019.