Building Successful Websites with Stephen Christopher

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building successful websites stephen christopher

Building Successful Websites


I was honored to sit down with  Stephen Christopher; CEO and founder of Seequs Marketing Technologies to talk about building successful websites.  Seequs Marketing Technologies is a company with expertise in all areas of business, but prides themselves on specializations in SEO and Pay Per Click.  

Stephen strives to have Seequs be the best online marketing firm in their industry.  Today’s episode is all about web design and building successful websites!  Stephen lets us in on his secrets for building successful websites and even shares a few tips in tricks in getting your website in tip top shape and optimized for success! Don’t miss this episode; tune in now!


  • What is a responsive website?
  • How often should a website be updated?
  • What are some ways to prepare your website to be mobile friendly?
  • Keys for building successful websites with a good home page


Responsive Website building:

Website that responds/resizes itself to whatever screen it’s being viewed on.

  • This ensures that everyone has a great experience
  • Eliminates the need of having more than one site for different viewers (ie: one site for desktop and one for mobile)
  • Mobile is very important in creating or updating your site
    • majority of all searches and information seeking is done online.

Rule of Thumb to update or change a website?

  • Good rule of thumb is to budget money aside to prepare to rebuild your website every couple of years
  • At least updating at least every 1 or 2 years based on changing technology and tools

Building a Homepage:

  • Pick top 1-3 objectives for your website and that is the information to place on your homepage
  • Social Proof in form of reviews
  • Tidbits of info such as Location of company
  • The more info on homepage, the longer it takes to view= less Search Engine friendly website

Building Successful Websites Mistakes NOT to make:

  • Not putting contact info where customers can find it
    • Always put contact info out in the open where everyone can see it
    • Normally in header of website in top right corner
  • Not putting some kind of form or way of contacting you electronically
    • Gives your customers a different way of getting in touch with you
    • Offers some sort of instant gratification
    • Always test your forms at least once a month
  • Going crazy with using too many plugins
    • Takes up a lot of resources and makes site run slower
    • Leaves a lot of loop holes for security breaches
    • Be cautious with Plugins

Top Three Things Your Website MUST Have:

  1. Mobile friendly checker
    • If website isn’t mobile friendly, you will be dropped from search engine results
  2. Great Calls to Action
    • Clear, concise, and to the point
  3. A form to collect Email addresses/contact info
    • Give away something free and helpful in exchange for an email address

Stephen’s Tips for Building Successful Websites That Are More “Search Engine Friendly”:



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