Business struggles shouldn’t hold you back if you ask yourself the important questions.

Business Struggles

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m your host and captain, Lindsay Phillips. I got this book in the mail, Why Your Business Sucks, from one of my clients, Mike Agugliaro. So I’m going to ask you: Does your business suck? If it sucks, and your business struggles, you need to know why. He covers a lot of different areas in this. It’s mainly geared towards service business owners, but it really makes you think about all the different elements of your business.

He covers different areas, some that apply more to the service business industry than us, but it’s your mindset. Maybe you want your business to suck. Maybe you’re not enjoying it. Maybe you’re meant for a higher purpose or meant to do something different, so that’s food for thought.

What about your team? How well are you managing your team? Are they all rowing together? Do they all know the end goal? Are they motivated? Are they being praised for what they’re doing? So think about your team when it comes to business struggles.

The other thing is to think about your sales. What about your sales funnel? Are you following up on potential clients? Are you talking to them one-on-one? Are you connecting with them on social media? Are you engaging with them? Are you solving their problems? Do you have follow-up email sequences for them? Do the clients you currently have to know about all of your services and what other ways you can help them?

Marketing. If your business struggles, are you engaging with people in social media? Are you doing video marketing? Are you doing podcasting? Are you blogging? Are you offering great opt-ins, lead magnets? Are you adding value, and are you serving your audience?

What about productivity and efficiency? Are you being as productive as you can? Think about what you’re doing in the day, how effective you are being, how you are communicating with people. Maybe even in regards to recruiting. What kind of people are on your team? Maybe they’re not the best for you. Maybe you need more high caliber people that are experts in specific things to help when your business struggles.

Every now and then, you really need to think if you’re not happy or your business is not getting where you want to go, what are the business struggle and why is it sucking, for lack of better terms. Think about all those different elements in your business and what room you have for improvements. I hope Mike’s book, it inspired my video today, so maybe it’ll inspire you to think about your business and how you can make it your dream business so that you love it, you get lots done in a short amount of time, and you’re reaping in the cash-ola, and you’re just loving life. That’s the goal.

That’s it. See you guys next week!

Have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.