Buying And Selling Podcasts: Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies

Jan 17, 2024

Buying And Selling Podcasts

You hear of buying and selling businesses – get investors etc – but you don’t really hear about folks investing in podcasts, scaling, buying and selling. It CAN happen and I have AJ Lawrence on my show who bought the Beyond 8 Figures Podcast. He shares his experience, mistakes and tips on buying and selling podcasts and what it takes to grow a successful podcast. 

  • AJ’s experience of buying and selling a podcast
  • The challenges faced during the transition and how to overcome them 
  • How to stay consistent and have incremental progress 
  • Ways to understand the audience and catering to their needs
  • The potential benefits of acquiring a podcast for business growth

[00:00]  Intro 

[00:02]  The Journey of Buying and Selling a Podcast: Insights from AJ Lawrence

[03:23]  Building a Successful Podcast: Mistakes, Growth, and Finding Your Audience

[09:50]  When and How to Buy a Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide

[13:04]  The Untapped Potential of Acquiring a Business Podcast

[31:19]  How to Define Your Why and Find Success in Podcasting

Building a Successful Podcast: Mistakes, Growth, and Finding Your Audience

AJ shares his journey of starting a podcast, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned along the way. He stressed the importance of understanding your audience, the impact of metrics and pricing, and the process of transitioning from one type of entrepreneur to another. Despite making mistakes and facing setbacks, he was able to build a successful podcast with a higher listenership than the previous owner. The key takeaway is the importance of staying true to your vision and continuously adapting to the needs and preferences of your audience.

When and How to Buy a Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide

In this episode, AJ discusses the right time to buy a podcast and how to go about it. He mentions the unbundling of different platforms for buying and selling podcasts and the lack of availability of podcasts for sale. He suggests reaching out directly to podcast hosts in your genre or looking for podcasts that are sparse or not regularly updated. AJ emphasizes the importance of engaging with the audience and suggests using newsletters as a pricing model. He also mentions the need to evaluate the podcast’s engagement, other channels, and business assets before making a purchase.

The Untapped Potential of Acquiring a Business Podcast

Discover the untapped potential of acquiring a business podcast for ongoing business growth and audience development. Learn about the benefits, challenges, and strategies for successful transition and audience engagement. Find out how a podcast can be a valuable asset for acquisitions and customer development. Gain insights into the importance of targeted niches and building relationships in the podcasting world.


How to Define Your Why and Find Success in Podcasting

The key to podcasting success is defining your why and continuously working towards it. Understanding your purpose and gradually improving your skills through practice and consistency is crucial. It’s important to get comfortable with podcasting and have a clear purpose for your show. Additionally, non-logistical and technical aspects, such as emotional and communicative elements, play a significant role. 

There are also tactical strategies and resources available to help entrepreneurs use podcasts effectively. AJ, advises and supports entrepreneurs in aligning their marketing and sales efforts with their goals. He helps businesses set a strong foundation and find the right partners for growth. The podcasting industry is growing, and there may be opportunities for buying and selling podcasts in the future. Overall, podcasting offers a great opportunity for learning, improvement, and success.


About A.J. Lawrence

A.J. Lawrence is a dedicated and experienced entrepreneur, investor, and growth marketing professional for a wide range of businesses and clients across different industry sectors. 

He has over 25 years of exceptional experience in business growth, acquisitions, and strategic development. With a vast professional background that dates back more than two decades, A.J. Lawrence presents himself as a seasoned business professional with a deep understanding and extensive expertise in knowing exactly how to derive meaningful and impactful insights from large data sets. 


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