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BuzzSumoIf you ever thought you’d want to combine easy access to data, here is your chance. James Blackwell, Steve Rayson, and Stephen Walsh, hailing from across the pond, (UK), have brought their ingenuity and the best in Marketing know-how to create BuzzSumo. It’s like combining ideas, concepts & relevant data and putting them all in one place.

BuzzSumo is definitely the latest application of Media statistics gaining ground in the Marketing/Social Media circles.  It’s available to anyone who wants to share info and/or those who want to know what to share. This is a noteworthy application for Marketers who are following trends and want to keep tabs on their competition across a wide selection of social media applications. You may simply want to see where your links are heading, and who is sharing them or need to write a keynote speech with the amplitude and substance of a real pro, look no further as your research is available in one place on BuzzSumo.


It’s a Marketer’s dream. Monitoring “shares” and “sharers” across many social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ all at once and comparing them, with dramatic results. Basically it provides “insights” into the most popular content online and the influencers sharing it.

Here’s an example of what you will find BuzzSumo will do for your online presence.

First and foremost you will find the people who are sharing your content

Perhaps you’ll want to know what the top posts are from your domain (or any other domain for that matter). Then, you can use the data from BuzzSumo to better target Twitter or Facebook ads.

 But wait, there’s more! How about being wired into what is trending (across the same set of platforms)? Doing research for the most relevant and topical stories.

The analysis of that same content through filters of matching relevance, filtering not just content but by infographic, videos, specific guest posts, giveaways and interviews! WOW!

Here’s a relatively easy scenario, one we’ve all learned in Marketing 101… what’s the competition doing? Why do they have more market share than we do? How are we going to strategize to get ahead of the pace? BuzzSumo seems to be the answer to these questions from knowing which content formats work best in your industry to searching out demographics by location or language. Best of all, you can export the data you’ve found to a CSV file or to Excel for further analysis. Compare several of your domains to see how their content is performing. It seems to have a dual role of inside and outside influencers. The fun is in “knowing” who the influencers are.


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