Smooth Sailing To Business Growth

Understanding business growth and how to grow any business utilizing social content marketing with Stephen Woessner on his podcast show Onward Nation

Powerful Content Marketing Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to be on EntHead Podcast For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs – I couldn’t say NO. Dr. Matthew Gonzalez has some amazing

Full Throttle Leadership and Team Culture

How is team culture a competitive edge? We asked Emilie Shoop and touched on some of the pain points of leadership, culture, where to draw the line on micromanaging someone and the main reasons people quit.

Commit To Embracing Your Big Life

When I spoke to Emily Letran on high performance, I asked her to tell us about her story, and then these questions: Do you think you’re born with determination or can it be taught? Is there anything universal that everyone wants? See what high performance may mean for you.

When You Need to Start Outsourcing

I’m happy & excited to announce that I was featured on Venture Shorts with show host Molly Marie Keyser CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  Lyndsay Phillips

Dana Croft on CardTapp

National Account Director at CardTapp. Mother of two with 18 years of experience in the sales industry. Has built over 2500 apps for a large range of industries.