How To Choose The Best Social Media Scheduler

Mar 20, 2024

Choose The Best Social Media Scheduler

Consistent content is key, along with repurposing and leveraging your podcast content (yup as a guest or host). 

And what comes with creating content? Scheduling content. 

I’ve used a LOT of different social media schedulers and even posted natively on the platforms. With so many options it can be super confusing to know which scheduler is the BEST one to use or even what features are available, what they are and why they are important. 

This episode is to share what features I love the most and what I look for in a social media scheduler.

A Taste Of What Is Covered: 

  • Benefits of social media schedulers for podcasters
  • Factors to consider when choosing a scheduler (what to look for)
  • What features you’ll want for scheduling videos, reels and shorts
  • Why the ‘first comment’ feature is key right now for broader reach (and call to actions)
  • What you want to look for besides ‘features’s to choose the best scheduling tool


Key Moments:

[00:06]  Benefits Of Using Social Media Schedulers

[04:23]  Considerations When Choosing a Social Media Scheduler

[10:07]  Tagging Feature

[14:11]  Social Champ Tips and Features

[18:49]  Other Features -Engagement, Analytics



Some are more expensive than others. Weigh the pros and cons of whether those features they use are going to save you time and optimize results. Don’t sign up for a program just because your peers are or you ‘heard’ it was good. Features MATTER. 

Most platforms charge by the month, but also charge by how many users you have logging in and using it and also how many platforms you are posting to. Take note of what each scheduler software bills and by what parameters. 


Customer Support

This is super important to me. I used a software  (though shall remain nameless) and they had NO way of getting any support. You emailed them and that was it. They had hardly any tutorials and if something went wrong I was fat out of luck. So sometimes paying LESS does not help you. 

You want to get quick responses when things go wrong. You want them to be innovative and always updating. You want them to know what’s trending, what’s working on platforms and what is not. You do not want to sign up for an annual plan on a software that will be antiquated in 6 months. That happened to a client of mine. Waste of money and your social posts are showing up poorly. 


Calendar View: 

It’s super handy seeing all your posts scheduled in a calendar to see if you are  missing anything important, adjust times and days with a click or drag. If you have other team members, they can easily see at a glance when other posts are scheduled so they are not overlapping and being able to optimize the days and times.


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You’ll want to see what platforms the scheduler posts to. Some do not post instantly to Pinterest, some don’t post to YouTube (shorts) and some don’t post instantly to Instagram (you have to get a push notification to your phone). 

You’ll want to notice those nuances. 

You will never find a social  media scheduler that allows posting to a personal profile in Facebook, nor a Group. Facebook has changed their ‘3rd party app’ rules. 

Make sure it posts to reels in Facebook and Instagram and that it posts Instagram Stories too. Really scour what features and platforms they go to and any limitations they may have. 



When you are guesting on a podcast or hosting, you’ll want to tag the other person to tap into their audience. Check to see if it allows for all platforms. There are limitations – example – LinkedIn will allow you to tag a company but not the person. So you have to go into LinkedIn and tag the person manually. There are some 3rd party restrictions that come from the social platforms. 

Always check the tutorials as well that the scheduler has. For instance some may say post the @profilename in Instagram and it’lll tag them once it schedules and publishes. The name of the company/person does not ‘populate’ or show up inside the scheduler. 

Some will have you paste the actual profile URL vs pulling up an @profilename.   They all have different processes and it can be easy to THINK you are tagging someone but it gets missed. 


Reels / Shorts: 

You’ll want a scheduler that can instantly publish and post to Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts. Many of the schedulers now have a specific ‘spot’ to schedule a reel. 

It has options to share a post, a reel or story for example. You have to select the right one.

I use SocialChamp and I LOVE that they allow you to upload a custom thumbnail (except for Instagram) or simply choose a ‘frame’ from the video. It will give you 5 options so that at least the frame of you having your mouth wide open is NOT the thumbnail Instagram will choose for your reel.  

mar 14 2024


First Comment: 

See the image above and you’ll notice a space to type in information in a ‘first comment’ section. What does this mean? Many platforms ‘ding’ you for giving links in the posts themselves. The algorithm basically pushes you aside and you end up getting even less reach. 

So the work around is saying that you’ll put the information below (ie in the comments) and then putting the sales page, blog, whatever link it is, in the actual first comment of the post. Instead of waiting for the post to publish and logging into the actual social media platforms to ADD the comment, SocialChamp allows you to enter the First comment ahead of time. 

Some social media schedulers have that feature for LinkedIn but not the other social platforms. So you really have to read the fine print or chat to a sales person. 



Hashtags are more widely used in Twitter (sorry ‘X’) and Instagram. People add them for posts in LinkedIn and Facebook but I wouldn’t say they are widely used, searched for etc but they still exist. 

Some schedulers will have a hashtag feature where when you start typing a hashtag it’ll tell you if it’s viable and popular right in the app – so no need to do all the back end research and use a hashtag finder app.  Super helpful. 



This is another feature of SocialChamp that I love. Carousels are hot – they allow you to give more information, teach, show your expertise and have a call to action at the end in a way that is super interative, consumable and engaging. 

Some schedulers do not have a feature to schedule carousels in various platforms. You want to be able to schedule carousels in LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter (dang – habit ‘X’) and Facebook. They may have a different process for uploading (ie LinkedIn is a PDF doc, Facebook is an mp4 file, and Instagram static images) – so takes a bit of getting used to. 

Double that with having a call to action in the First Comment  – yes please! 



With anything you want to be able to measure results. What is getting attention, what is working and what is not. Instead of going to each platform separately for insights, can you use the scheduler to see at a glance those kinds of stats? 



Some schedulers allow you to reply to comments right in one place – the scheduler app. How handy would that be? We login to enough places each day and monitor -so this saves time. 


Bare in mind that schedulers have other schedulers that you may deem important. They may include…

  • Ability to add extra users, team members without extra cost
  • Proofing ‘station’ and process 
  • AI caption writing 
  • Repost another day or time so you can repurpose
  • Link in bio feature for Instagram
  • Tik Tok and other platforms
  • Bulk uploads of posts 
  • Stock images or videos
  • Idea generator for posts (or being able to aggregate or curate from other sources) 
  • Canva integration 
  • Social media boosting (ie paid advertising on a small scale)

By no means is this a comprehensive list. Remember too, some features look cool on paper, but you really have to think if it’s something that you’ll use, or if it’s important to you. 

I’ve shared some features that are important to me and my clients to be able to leverage their content and to make it easy. Is SocialChamp my favorite right now – absolutely! So much so I even interviewed the owner Sameer. Check out that episode. I love how they are always looking to improve, his customer support is fabulous and they are always innovating and teaching, sharing tips and informative articles and how to’s. Kudos Sameer! 

I hope this episode helps you in the decision on what scheduler is going to fit YOUR needs.


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