Closing More Sales with Donald Kelly

Apr 3, 2018


Closing More Sales

Today we are chatting with sales expert, Sales Trainer & Podcast Host Donald Kelly of Sales Evangelist, recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, South Florida Business Journal, and UpStart. We are going to help you start closing more sales!

Here are some questions I ask…

  • As entrepreneurs or solopreneurs that don’t necessarily have sales teams – what are the biggest things we are doing wrong – or not doing?
  • What are key areas for successful sales -attract a lead – how to get them to say yes? What strategies need to occur?
  • What is the stages of a sales cycle?
  • What goals should we have and what are some tips to achieve them?
  • Why do many of us suck so bad at closing sales Donald? Is there some mindset issues in there? How can we get over that?
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