Monetize Podcasting By Elevating Your Collaboration Skills

Nov 22, 2023

Collaboration Skills

The quickest way to growing your business, in my books, is collaborating with other businesses that serves a similar audience as you. And the beauty of podcasting is that you get an instant foot in the door to have that collaboration conversation if your guest (or the host) is that fit. 

So I have collaboration expert Meg Burrage of Collaboration Station on to share how to approach collaborations, your options and opportunities and how to find them.

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You’ll learn: 

🤝 What collaboration opportunities podcasting brings and how to create a win-win from it. 

🤝 Who collaboration is right for and the best way to approach it

🤝 How to start collaborations and why building and fostering those relationships is key for it’s success

🤝 How you can be creative and still collaborate even with a small email list 

🤝 What Collaboration Station can do you for you to find the perfect collaboration match


[00:01:03] – Collaboration: Win-Win Approach

[00:02:09] – Collaboration Strategies

[00:12:20] – Cold Pitches and Collaboration Ideas

[00:14:13] – Referrals for Successful Chats

[00:16:35] – Creating Collaboration Station

[00:23:15] – Finding the Right Balance in Promotion

[00:25:04] – Tracking and Planning Collaborations

[00:26:38] – Mistakes in Collaborations

Defining Collaboration

Our conversation began with defining what collaboration means. In essence, it’s about finding a win-win situation for two or more people. Meg emphasized the importance of approaching collaborations with the mindset of what would be in it for the other person, rather than just focusing on personal benefits. This perspective shift can open up a world of opportunities.

Collaboration Opportunities

We explored different collaboration opportunities for podcasters and business owners. Meg mentioned virtual summits, speaking on podcasts, and contributing to digital bundles as common collaboration strategies. She highlighted the flexibility and creativity that collaborations offer, and encouraged people not to underestimate their value, even if they don’t have a large email list.


Collaboration Success Stories

Meg shared some of her own collaboration experiences and success stories from Collaboration Station members. One example was a joint webinar where two members with similar audiences but different offerings collaborated to create a bundled offer. This strategy of including other industry peers’ products as bonuses with her courses adds value and credibility, and is something she practices herself.

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The Path to Successful Collaborations

Meg explained that building relationships is key to successful collaborations. She shared the typical success path for beginners, starting with participating in bundles and then progressing to speaking on summits. She emphasized the importance of nurturing relationships and exploring future collaborations.

We agreed that collaborations should be ongoing relationships rather than transactional experiences. We also highlighted that collaborations can be done without having an affiliate program, and discussed the benefits of being an affiliate for others.

The Art of Reaching Out

When seeking collaborations, it’s important to reach out with a specific idea. Generic requests for coffee chats or vague expressions of interest are less likely to catch attention. Instead, presenting a well-researched collaboration idea that sparks interest is more effective. Meg shared that she is more inclined to entertain a chat with someone who comes to her with an actual idea rather than a generic request.

The Power of Referrals

We also discussed the power of referrals in initiating collaborations. Meg mentioned a coach she spoke to who hosts intro parties, where he connects people and facilitates collaborations. When a trusted referral connects her with someone, she is more likely to make time for a call. We both agreed that referrals from trusted sources increase the likelihood of a successful collaboration.

Podcasting as a Collaboration Tool

I mentioned that podcasting is another way to initiate collaborations. By inviting guests who serve a similar audience but have different expertise, I can explore potential collaborations and learn more about their businesses.

Collaboration Station: A Central Platform for Collaborations

Meg’s creation, Collaboration Station, came about when she realized that collaborations were the key to her business’s success. She wanted to create a central platform where like-minded creators could find collaboration opportunities without having to deal with cold pitches. Collaboration Station offers a directory of profiles, but the platform focuses more on community, coaching, and facilitating collaboration opportunities.

Balancing Promotions and Providing Value

Meg emphasized the need to provide value to your audience and not overwhelm them with constant promotions. She shared her strategy of only participating in 1 or 2 affiliate promotions or collaborations per quarter, with a focus on smaller opportunities that align with her own offerings.

Planning and Organization in Collaborations

Meg highlighted the importance of planning and organization when it comes to collaborations. She recommends keeping a tracker, such as a simple spreadsheet, to ensure that promotional periods don’t overlap and to avoid spreading oneself too thin. It’s crucial to assess whether the collaboration is aligned with your goals and target audience, as growing your list with the wrong people can lead to unsubscribes and affect email deliverability.

Common Mistakes in Collaborations

We discussed common mistakes in collaborations, such as unclear expectations and lack of written agreements. Meg suggests putting things in writing to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment. She also advises listening to your gut and being willing to bail out of a collaboration if it’s not going well or doesn’t align with your vision.

Collaboration Station: A Supportive Community

Meg invites listeners to visit They offer a free plan and a supportive community where members can network and receive assistance. Meg and her team are hands-on and available to answer questions and provide support.

In conclusion, collaborations offer a wealth of opportunities for podcasters and business owners. I encourage you to explore Collaboration Station for more opportunities and connections.


About Meg

Meg Burrage is an online business coach, mum of 3, and lover of all things coffee, cocktails, and collaboration (in no particular order). Creator of Collaboration Station, she loves to help fellow online business owners to grow their audience and scale their reach with the power of collaboration.


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