Conquering Fatigue with Dr. Carri Drzyzga

Feb 17, 2016


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Conquering Fatigue


In this episode, I interview the incredible Dr. Carri Drzyzga, a well known international practitioner of functional medicine. Throughout this episode, Dr. Carri informs our listeners of one of the most commonly dealt with problems that our society faces today: Conquering Fatigue. Dr. Carri shares with our listeners the story of how she dealt with chronic fatigue herself and how suffering from it convinced her into trying different techniques to gain insight into how she could fix it. Tune in today to hear how you can begin to break down your fatigue and how you too can boost your overall brain health!


  • What is the Kalesh Method?
  • Explain Functional Medicine?
  • Common areas patients struggle with
  • What types of treatment are available for stress? 


Functional Medicine: area of medicine dedicated to finding root causes of health issues and finding solutions and natural treatments.

Kalesh method: area of functional medicine focusing on 3 main areas of study. Method used when patients are dealing with or suffering from these things, but aren’t getting any answers or solutions from traditional medicine practice.

  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Digestive problems

Conquering fatigue takes work. The most common problem area is Fatigue and could be anywhere on a spectrum from minor to major. Symptoms may include:

  • memory loss/short term memory
  • brain fog (feeling like you’re in a haze)
  • mental fatigue vs physical fatigue
  • shortened attention span/having trouble focusing

Dr. Carri’s suggestions to “Boost your brain health” Evaluate the root cause first to get the full extent of why your brain health needs to be boosted by looking at basic lifestyle factors…

  • How’s your Diet
  • How’s your Sleep schedule
  • Do you Excercise
  • Are you getting your Vitamin R (Rest, Relaxation, and Restoration)?

**Quick Tip for conquering fatigue: Eat more naturally Gluten-Free foods (not foods that are engineered to be “Gluten Free”) Try 30 Days Gluten Free to see how much it impacts you



“You can never be too healthy”

“Vitamin R: Rest, Relaxation and Restoration”