Consistency in marketing. How the biggest entrepreneurial struggle is the EASIEST to fix

Dec 13, 2017

consistency in marketing

How the biggest entrepreneurial struggle is the EASIEST to fix

How to end the struggle of consistency in marketing

As a busy entrepreneur myself, I get how time-starved we are. We wear so many hats and have our hands in so many sections of our business. From serving our clients, managing projects, paying the bills, planning the future, sales calls, quotes, and emails, keeping up with relationships and connections, marketing the business and well, don’t forget about life – kids, house, a social life. No wonder we often feel overwhelmed! One of the most common things to go by the wayside is… drumroll please…. consistency. We are split in so many directions that consistency does not seem feasible.

Consistency with what you ask?

  • Social Media
  • Network connections and communication
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Email Marketing

In a nutshell – keeping up with marketing efforts that nurture your leads, connections, that attract and acquire new prospects and pull people through your sales funnel to complete your end goal. Yep – bring you more business. Does this ring a bell?

Here is why marketing consistently is SO important to your business 1

1 – Relationships are crucial: We all know how noisy it is out there – so many blogs, social media posts, videos etc. This is why building and nurturing those relationships are so important. We buy and work with those we like and trust. Taking the time (yes on a regular basis) to serve, help and comment in Facebook Groups, to send Direct Messages, email your contacts and engage in their social media posts is key. You stay top of mind, you nurture those relationships because that is what will serve you and give back as you grow your business.

2 – Perception is everything: People do their research, their due diligence before buying something or working with someone. They search on Google of course, BUT they also review YouTube and social media platforms. If you went to a Facebook Page of a business and saw they had not posted in 2 weeks – what would your impression be? ARE they successful? Will they be there for me if I need support? It affects trust and credibility.

3 – Credibility is key: By sharing your knowledge and content, whether it’s videos, blogs, podcasts, e-books, free reports, you are showing your expertise. You are sharing what you know, and your solutions to problems that your prospects may have. It gives them a reason to buy your products or work with you. Again, it builds trust that YOU are the person/company to help them.

Here is why marketing consistently is SO important to your business

1 – Use a project management tool: Using a tool like Teamworks, Basecamp or Trello. There are a ton of others out there, but these are 3 that I’ve used and liked.  You can set up templated tasks and assign due dates to keep you on track with what you need to get done on a regular basis.

2 – Use your calendar: If you don’t put it on your calendar or schedule it into your day/week/month – honestly it will never get done. Has the thought ‘Oh I’ll get to that when I have time this week, or once I get finished this this project.’? And yet it still doesn’t get done? You have to schedule it, just like an appointment or meeting. You have to honor its importance.

3 – Create a system or process: Instead of reinventing the wheel or winging it from month to month, take the time to create a system or process. Trust me, it’s worth it. Once you have a system or template and get on a schedule, it’s a no-brainer. Example – the first week of every month you write 2 blogs and film 2 videos (they can even be the same topic!), then create the social media posts to promote them, then schedule them.

4 – Outsource: Here is an exercise for you. Think about your revenue and the hours you work in a year. Then do the math and figure out what your hourly worth is. Ten bucks says you can outsource your content and social media marketing for WAY less than your hourly worth. PLUS, outsourcing someone that is an expert in that field will leverage those efforts 10 fold. PLUS, you don’t have to train them. PLUS, you’ll actually GET consistent marketing in place with LESS stress! Win-Win right? Now you can spend time doing the things you love, get the benefits of consistency in your business and focus on revenue-generating tasks – woohoo!

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