How I Consistently Increase Business 60% Each Year

May 9, 2018

consistently increase business

The Strategies I Used to Consistently Increase Business 60% Each Year for the Past 3 Years

Sometimes you are so in the thick of it that you don’t look back to see where you’ve come from and how much you’ve grown. I was speaking with my Tax consultant (yuk – taxes) and she showed me how I’ve been able to consistently increase business revenue over the past 3 years.

I did the math and it was 60% consistently each and every year. Huh. I mean I knew we were growing but I have to say – I was pretty darn surprised.

Consistently Increase Business Revenue Year After Year

I never wanted to have ‘huge success’ overnight or had lofty goals. I knew what strategies I wanted to focus on and I had revenue goals each year, that, I’m happy to say, we met. So let me share how my organic and consistent growth transpired so that you too can focus on these strategies to grow your business.

Building Relationships – I definitely attribute some success to the relationships I’ve built over the years. It’s more than networking. It’s supporting other entrepreneurs in their journey, sharing their material, making introductions between people you know so that they too can build more relationships.

It’s being a part of Facebook Groups and sharing your ideas, input, and support. It’s serving others and helping other entrepreneurs. Serving others, being kind, being interested in their success goes a long way!

Serving others being kind

Building your expert status – Building these relationships has helped me increase my expert status. It has given me opportunities to share my expertise, knowledge and get my name out there. I’ve spoken on the stage at the Dream Business Academy, been a guest on many a podcast show and been a guest speaker on a ton of virtual summits and other events.

It showcases me as an expert in my field and in turn, introduced me to more fantastic entrepreneurs – win win!

I also, through some fabulous connections, got my business in the media. I have been ‘seen in’ and published in NBC, Fox, ABC etc. I’ve also been cited in the Huffington Post. Again – these strategies have helped me and my company be noted as an expert in the field of Content Marketing.

Building your expert status will help

Increasing our exposure to consistently increase business– Podcasting was a huge strategy for me in my business. It was a way to make more connections, build credibility and increase the exposure my business gets to more people. It instantly expands your circle.

I have not only had amazing guests on my show but have built some long-standing relationships because of it, gotten more business, learned a ton of tips and tools from the guests and had fun while doing it.

Content Marketing – Of course being a content marketing firm – this strategy has been a huge part of my business.

I create blogs, videos, podcast shows, lead magnets and reports consistently for years. It has brought a ton of organic traffic to my website, grown my e-list dramatically and also increased my exposure and helped nurture the relationships I have.

I make sure to engage in the social media end of things as well. You can’t just post and forget it! It ties into serving, sharing information that your target market wants and needs and showing that you are an expert while you are at it. Double duty!

My latest venture has been doing a joint Live Facebook every Thursday with a good friend of mine with a show called Marketing & Merlot. The growth and feedback and clients that we’ve both gotten from doing this has been surprising.

We have SO much fun doing it. I mean – if you aren’t having fun along the way -what’s the point? Live Facebook allows you to interact with your audience, it’s instant and live and of course, Facebook loves you for it. It allows Lindsey (my co-host) and I to connect with others, show our personality, build relationships and trust and build credibility and what we know.

Getting Support – I could not have achieved what I have alone. I highly recommend getting a mentor, or business coach or joining a Mastermind of some kind. It allows you to get advice on what the right focus or strategies are to consistently increase business.

It gives you the chance to bounce ideas off of people. They bring a ton of wealth and insight to the table! It helps you create a plan and stick to it. It helps keep you motivated, inspired and accountable all at the same time.

It has been utterly invaluable to me over the years! And I can’t forget my amazing team! I have been able to bring my husband into the business as a full partner – so yes – the business supports a full household 😊 We have grown our team from a few to now 10 and growing!

I could not have had my success if it weren’t for my fabulous team helping me in every corner and supporting and serving my fabulous clients. And while we are talking about clients – OMG – I love them all so much! I only work with people I truly like, with a business I can get behind.

Trust, honor, and integrity are huge to me. I have great relationships with our clients and am truly honored to be working with them. And in turn, I have of course received a TON of referrals because of it. I am extremely grateful.

These are just some of the strategies that have attributed to consistently increase business. I hope this article has helped inspire you to take some of them on with gusto! I also invite you to reach out if you want support in growing your business through increasing your expert status, building relationships, boosting your exposure through content marketing. Email me at