How to Sail Quickly Towards Business Growth

Welcome Aboard!

Smooth Business Growth was founded to help business owners calm the choppy waters of fast paced business growth and our specialty is helping you attract & convert more customers faster through powerful content marketing. Too many entrepreneurs feel like they’re either dead in the water or stuck in high waves unable to get to the port of their dreams – and that’s where our content marketing agency can help.

How the Smooth Business Growth Content Marketing Agency Can Help

  • If your business needs to be rescued with blogging or consistent social media marketing our Rescue Boat Services were created for you.
  • If your business is floating but needs to sail faster, to include video marketing and a podcast then our Sailing Boat Services are right for you.
  • If you see the port in sight but want to accelerate your business then hop aboard our Yacht Services, which include sales funnels, webinars, lead magnets with a powerful content marketing plan.

Why Use a Content Marketing Agency For Client Attraction? It Works!

A proven marketing approach that focuses on content, information and value, it’s focused on GIVING to your audience, your community and prospects. It may feel like you are giving away your knowledge and tips, strategies and advice for free but it’s actually a way to serve so they want to buy from you.

How Content Marketing Puts the Wind Beneath Your Sail

• You are showing yourself as an expert in your field

• You are peaking interest of cold or warm audiences

• You bring prospects into your sales funnel, increasing lead generation and sales

• You foster customer loyalty so customers stay longer and business thrives

• You stay top of mind to your ideal client

• It drives traffic to your website, so they can learn more about you and your services/products

• It boosts your SEO

Content Marketing Strategies That Will Rescue & Sail You Towards Rapid Growth

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    • Setup & Production • Promotion

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    • Content Creation • Publish & Promote

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    Video Marketing

    • Publish & SEO • Promotion

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    Social Media

    • Content Creation • Text Graphics

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    Email Marketing

    • Content Creation • Funnel Strategies

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    Lead Generation

    • Online Events & Lead Magnets • Full Setup & Promotion

Who is Our Perfect Passenger?

  • Entrepreneur that appreciates having things done for them right the first time.
  • Business owner that wants peace of mind that things are running smoothly.
  • Someone that wants help taking massive action to fast growth.
  • Business that wants to have consistent brand exposure and marketing efforts to grow faster.
  • Entrepreneur that is growing, but is struggling to market their business and run it at the same time.
  • Business owner that wants to increase their lead generation.
  • Someone that wants to spend more time on revenue generating tasks and less time managing projects.

Who Needs to Go Overboard?

  • An entrepreneur that is happy with status quo and isn’t interested in taking action towards their business goals.
  • People that want to set up a big campaign at 3pm on a friday – and prefer to ‘wing it’ vs plan.
  • A business owner that doesn’t want to invest in marketing their business for maximum growth.
  • Business owners that always have a hair on fire emergency each day.
  • Someone that feels their system is the only system and isn’t open to new tools that accelerate efficiency and growth.
  • Someone that is happy with mediocre content and isn’t interested in serving their audience.

Smooth Business Growth Is Your Content Marketing Agency

Whether you have a team already in place and just need strategy, or need content creation and implementation from a full service content marketing agency, when you work with Smooth Business Growth we have your back. Here are some ways you can work with us.

Note: Full VIP Services that include Project Management, Analytics and Content Optimization, Migration Services and partnering with other experts like Facebook Ad, SEO, PPC, Graphic Designers, Developers etc, is through application only.

Where to sail next?

content marketing agency lyndsay phillipsIf smooth business growth and less stress is something you seek, you are the perfect client to work with our content marketing agency. Going it alone is not the answer. I know most entrepreneurs think they can do it cheaper, faster, better than anyone else. The truth is, your time is limited, it’s valuable. and there are things you shouldn’t be doing in your business. If you want rapid growth and more revenue, or focus on big ticket things to drive your business then call Smooth Business Growth to strategize, plan and implement all of your content marketing needs. I want you to think of Smooth Sailing as your safe harbor. It’s your port in the storm which actually represents almost every day for fast paced growth oriented entrepreneurs. If this sounds good to you, find out how working with the Smooth Business Growth content marketing agency can support you in your growth. Setup a free 20 minute, no obligation consult with Captain Lyndsay Phillips. Become our next over the top, happy client, significantly boost your business and calm the choppy waters of fast-paced business growth. To smooth sailing!

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