Should I Hire A VA or Content Marketing Expert?

Feb 7, 2017

content_marketing_expertShould I Hire A VA or Content Marketing Expert?

Content Marketing Experts and Virtual Assistants can do a lot for your business, but what is the difference? I get this question a lot. Here are some areas you need to look at to decipher what you really need for your business.

Let’s first look at what your needs are.

1 – What are you struggling with?

2 – What is NOT your area of expertise and so you need direction?

3 – What is your time worth and therefore what tasks should you contract out?

4 – What tasks do you hate doing?

5 – Do you need ‘doers’ or help strategizing?

Next – let’s review what many virtual assistants can help you with.

This list is CRAZY long so I’m going to generalize here.

1 – Scheduling – calendar management

2 – Client Onboarding

3 – Manage your emails/ inbox

4 – Create quotes and word documents

5 – Data entry

6 – Website updates (including blog, videos, podcasts)

7 – Create landing pages

8 – Set up and schedule emails and newsletters

9 – Preschedule social media posts

And finally… let’s look at what a content marketing expert can bring to the table.

Those that are specialized and experts in content marketing will be able to showcase you as an expert in your field and push out your content much more effectively and efficiently.

content marketing expert

Let me frame it this way – imagine this:

  • You either write 4 blogs a month (or give them topics) – and they make it look good, set up the SEO, create graphics, create and preschedule social media posts, LinkedIn Pulse posts, emails or however else you wish to get it out there!
  • You record podcasts episodes (solo or interview style) – and they do all the behind the scenes production steps – audio, graphics, show notes, publishing, informing the guests, social media posts, promoting and more! *HINT they can even do long videos and convert them to podcasts to really leverage your content!
  • You record 4 videos a month – and they set it up in You Tube, edit, publish, get transcripts, publish on your website, and promote it via Social Media and more! *HINT -if you do a Facebook Live – they can pull it – set it up on You Tube and THEN do all the wonderful things to publish and promote.
  • You want to do a webinar (give topic/points folks will learn/date and time and any other details – oh and record!) – and they will set up the landing page, thank you page, auto responders, integrations, Facebook Pixels, graphics, promotional emails, reminder emails for registrants, set up the webinar and of course promote it and get that part prescheduled.
  • You have a lead magnet (e-book for example) – they can make it look good, set up the landing page, thank you page, auto responders, engagement series, tripwires, integrations, Facebook Pixels, and promote it to boost your lead generation.

Now think about ALL the elements that they can expertly do for you – and how much TIME you’ll save, what other revenue generating tasks you can handle, knowing it’s done right and done well. Think of all the exposure you’ll get, the value you’ll be providing and increased lead generation it’ll create. You are in the business of MARKETING. A VA provides wonderful administrative and customer service related services but a Content Marketing company can help you expertly market your business and boost lead generation and conversions.


I hope that was helpful. Knowing what your needs are up front and who can meet them best is the first place to start.

Know that we are a Content Marketing team that will help you grow your business faster with great strategic content. If you have questions on how we can serve you – we are a phone call away! 484-284-0933