Content Marketing Services

The best content marketing agency is the one that focuses on content, information, and value for the audience. To receive something from the community, you should learn to give. It may feel like you are giving away your knowledge, tips, strategies, and advice for free, but it’s actually a way to serve your clients so they will want to buy from you.

Best Content Marketing for Business Growth

Nowadays, when traditional forms of marketing have become less effective, you’re searching for a different strategy for business growth. Content marketing services might just be the thing for you! Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, promotions, and ads, content marketing puts the focus on your entire company. You need to make people interested in your brand, not just a particular product or service. 

Increasing your brand awareness can hugely impact your sales. If people know and recognize your business, they’re more likely to trust you and purchase something from you. That’s why the best marketers make brand awareness an integral part of content marketing and lead generation strategy.

Here’s how content marketing helps grow your business:

  • You are showing yourself as an expert in your field
  • You are piquing the interest of cold or warm audiences
  • You bring prospects into your sales funnel, increasing lead generation and sales
  • You foster customer loyalty so customers stay longer and your business thrives
  • You stay at the top of your ideal client’s mind 
  • It drives traffic to your website so they can learn more about you and your services/products
  • It boosts your SEO

Engage Website Visitors: Adding fresh content and updating old information on your website ensures that you keep customers coming back to see what’s new. 

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the strategy used to increase your visibility on Google. Make sure you have fresh content to present as the solution to the problems your prospects’ are searching for on search engines. If you’re new to SEO, I’d recommend listening to my interview with SEO expert Phil Singleton or checking out the post 3 Easy SEO Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Site.

Lead-Generation: Consistently creating and distributing new content — and connecting the pieces of content to downloadable lead-magnets — can help you grow your email list and turn those who consume your content into email subscribers.

“Engineer Your Celebrity”: this is a concept I’ve heard and learned from business growth strategist, author, and speaker Kelly Roach. 

The idea here is to leverage content as an avenue to share your expertise and, by regularly doing so, to showcase your expert status. As people hear you talk about a specific topic day after day, week after week, they’ll start seeing you as the go-to expert to help them with that.

The Benefits of Hiring a Content Marketing Consultant

If you’re not familiar with content marketing, it’s better (and more efficient!) to get expert help. Content marketing companies can help you create and implement the perfect content strategy tailored to your business needs. 

Having a well-designed digital marketing strategy will be more beneficial for your business in the long run. Instead of focusing on short-term marketing efforts and quick results, you’ll have a content plan for the entire year that delivers long-lasting results.

Outsourcing your marketing efforts and hiring a content marketing consultant is so easy! Agencies already have established work ethics, and they adapt to your business model. Yes, we are flexible with our time and will organize our timetable according to your needs.

Hiring a digital marketing agency will take the workload off your shoulders so you can focus on other client-based projects. Basically, we’ll do more than 90% of the work, and you just need to check to see if you’re satisfied. We’ll get things done quickly to save you time and money! 

We’ll also give you a fresh view of your organization. Nobody knows your business better than you, but that can also be problematic. Sometimes, you’re stuck in a routine, and you can miss growth opportunities. That’s why content marketing agencies like ours are a perfect choice for getting an outside perspective. If you come out of the routine, you’ll be able to create and implement new tactics that can prove to be way more effective than your old methods. So don’t wait — increase productivity with content marketing services!

Wait. You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have the resources needed to hire an agency.” But hiring consultants is actually cost-effective! It’s more affordable than creating a marketing department within your company and hiring full-time employees. And you can’t promote your business on your own (it’s very exhausting and time-consuming), so why not hire an experienced consultant for guaranteed results?

Of course, when you’re on a tight budget, you need to carefully choose a content marketing agency. Define what you need from a marketer, and then start your research. Select a couple of companies that correspond with your criteria and examine them closely. You can check out their websites, read reviews, or even book a short consultation to hear their offers. After you have all the information, you can decide what agency fits your business (and we hope it’s ours)! 

The Benefits of Hiring a Content Marketing Consultant

So how can content marketing agencies help you get new leads? The concept is simple: you provide a valuable piece of content for your audience and attract leads to your website. 

But you don’t want just any type of traffic for your website. You want to target people with purchase intent. SEO and keyword research can help you do this. You don’t have to cast a huge net and hope to catch some customers. With SEO content marketing, you’ll be creating quality content for your target customers. You’ll be attracting people that are already searching for a product/service similar to yours. Those are leads that can be easily converted! 


Content marketing will help you demonstrate your expertise and establish authority within your industry. You should inform your client base about a certain topic but also show them that you can help them with their problems. Content marketing done right will help you be informative and helpful to potential clients while also advertising your business. 

You might not convert some visitors when they first visit your website, but if you show them you’re an expert, help them, and make a great impression, they will look you up once they need the products/services you offer. 

For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you could write a small guide on “good ROI for rental property.” When you attract people who want to get information about that type of real estate investment, you’ll get convertible leads. All you need then is a good call to action and a lead magnet to make sure people stay in touch with you. They might not purchase your services right away, but if you impress them with the knowledge you shared, they’ll contact you once they’re ready to invest. Make sure to display your business name, first and last name, email, phone, and other contact information clearly on your website so people know you’re reachable.

What Are the Three Ps of Content Marketing?

The “Three Ps” of content marketing work are planning, production, and promotion. It’s not just about producing a bunch of random content. First, you need to properly plan your content strategy. You need to set clear goals and find methods to achieve them. If you don’t know your objectives, you wouldn’t be able to track the progress of the strategies you’re implementing. 

Planning involves figuring out what your target audience wants with keyword research. Make sure to tailor your strategy to the audience demographics for the most efficient results. You need to know what your people want to read (or hear or watch) but also where and when they consume the content. 

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Production isn’t just about creating new content. You should also utilize and repurpose the existing content on your website. This will save you time (and money!) so make sure to always do a website audit before production. 

The last “P” might be the most important one. Yes, it’s publishing and promotion. You want people to actually read your content! Don’t overproduce and spend all your budget on creating the content. What’s the use of a book that just sits on a shelf, right? 

Spread the word and utilize as many channels as you can to reach your target audience. At least half of your content marketing budget should be spent on promotion, whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, influencer promotion, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, or other types of content promotion. 

What Do Content Marketing Services Include?

While we are focused on podcasting, we are a full-service content marketing agency, and we can even incorporate your podcast show into your full marketing strategy.

Our content marketing services include:

  • Creating strategies
  • Planning
  • Content creation (from blogging to videos)
  • Production
  • Publishing
  • Promotion (via various platforms: social media marketing, email marketing, etc.)
  • Leveraging opportunities
  • Lead generation (opt-ins) & sales funnels – Whether it’s live webinars, online training, evergreen webinars, e-books, checklists, or any other kind of lead magnet, we help implement it from start to finish 
  • Analyzing & optimizing

Content Creation: We work with writers and copywriters if you need material written from scratch, whether it’s an e-book, report, or checklist. We ensure it’s branded, has the perfect message, showcases you as an expert, and has strong calls to action. 

Webinar Set-Up: We work with WebinarJam, Zoom, and other providers to set up your webinar. We ensure there is registration, tracking, reminders, text message reminders, and all the moving pieces needed to make your online event a success. 

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Lead Generation Funnels: We write the copy for the landing page, the follow-up autoresponders, reminder emails, and promotion. For your lead magnets, we also create campaigns and engagement sequences so that your potential customers can digest the downloaded item. We can lead them to the next portion of your sales funnel. 

Landing Pages: Every lead magnet needs a landing page. We work with Infusionsoft, ClickFunnelsLeadPages, and more to create branded landing pages that bring conversions. This includes the thank-you page and any other upsells you may have. 

Graphics: We have a graphic designer on our team to create the lead magnet covers, images, or any other graphics needed for your lead magnet and campaign. 

Promotion: Whether it’s through social media, website sidebars and pop-ups, or email marketing, we promote your lead magnet to optimize conversions. We create the content and graphics and preschedule all pieces. 

And while we don’t do web design, SEO, PPC, or Facebook ads, we do team up with a ton of rockstar companies who do. We love being a part of a bigger team!

So what are you waiting for? Book a call to see how we can use content marketing to help you grow YOUR business!

See how we can use content marketing to help you grow YOUR business!