Content Marketing Strategies and Podcasting For Real Estate Professionals

Feb 10, 2021

Content Marketing Strategies and Podcasting

Please join me as I guest on The Truth About Real Estate podcast with Matthew Ma and chat about how content marketing strategies can help real estate investors grow their authority, increase visibility and get more deals.

Some of what we discuss includes:

  • How content marketing strategies can help grow and nurture stronger relationships and build more trust.
  • Why delegating and outsourcing can change the game for you.
  • How to understand your worth and what you should stop doing vs keep doing.
  • Why the knee jerk reaction of doing Facebook Ads to get leads is counter-intuitive and isn’t always the answer.
  • A checklist of what you need to attract, nurture, and convert your leads. Hint – sales funnels, branding, consistent message are a few.
  • Why content marketing is a NEED to have vs a NICE to have.
  • How to get past the fear, break limiting beliefs and put yourself out there to be seen everywhere as the expert.
  • I share a powerful story on how being authentic and embracing your story can help you ATTRACT your perfect avatar.
  • We also chat about the power of podcasting and how it has helped them grow their business, authority, exposure, and leads.
  • Tips on starting a podcast.

Remember! Content Marketing Strategies can seriously be the difference!

Host: Matthew Ma Matthew Ma is an Investor, Syndicator, Founder, Coach, and Podcast Host. He’s a Broker Associate with eXp Realty and strives to help agents grow their business with proven, effective methods learned from experience. Through his podcast, The Truth About Real Estate, and Avant University, he educates buyers, sellers, investors, and real estate agents on the current state of the market, how to use innovations in technology, sales, and marketing to build a scalable business. As an investor and syndicator with Avant Asset Management, he’s dedicated to client success by building wealth through investments in apartment building syndications. Reach out to Matthew Ma at

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