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Content Marketing

So you know you need to do content marketing to attract more clients. You need to show people that you are an authority and expert in your field. You need exposure on Social Media. Now, this is where most of the entrepreneurs get stuck.  They freeze. They have no idea where to start, what content to share, where to post it, what kind. A myriad of questions pop up and they hit a wall.

  • What platforms should I use – there are so many!?
  • Should I do blogs – but I’m not a great writer?
  • Should I do videos – although doing videos scares me?!
  • What topics should I talk about?
  • Should I start a podcast?
  • What lead magnet should I offer?
  • What do I email about?
  • What do I post about?
  • What should the graphics look like?

Have you asked these questions? I remember once I had a prospect call me. They KNEW they needed to do something, needed to get content and social media posts going and KNEW they needed help. I shared my proposal on what I could do for her and I heard crickets. Yep, no email back, no call….. Something inside of me wondered if she was overwhelmed by all the options. So I called her and asked if she felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do first or where to start. Boy was I right. A valuable lesson for me – I get so excited about the strategies and possibilities, I didn’t think she’d be a deer in the headlights lol. Since, I’ve been much more aware of this. And that’s why I’m sharing this information here. So you have a starting place. Let’s simplify things for you.

  1. ANALYSE YOUR PERFECT CLIENT: Think about your ideal client or top 5 clients. Write down what they struggle with, what type of business they are in, where they live, their age, their lifestyle, their career. Write down ALL their similar characteristics. Think about WHY they need you, how you benefit them, what are you solving for them. Really deep dive into everything you know about them. Ryan Dice of Digital Marketer has a great checklist to learn your client avatar.



  1. LEARN THEIR PAIN POINTS: What are their biggest issues, problems? What do they struggle with on a regular basis? Write out how that makes them feel, how it affects their business, their life, their day today. Let that guide you on what topics to cover, whether it’s a podcast, a video or blog or post. It’s these pain points that draw them to you. They will go to you as the expert to solve them.



  1. LEARN HOW THEY ABSORB INFORMATION: How do they learn? Are they avid readers? Are they tech savvy? Do they watch videos on YouTube or Social Media? Do they listen to podcasts? Are they busy and on the go? Do they have time to read ebooks or hefty chunks of text? Feel free to survey your clients or prospects to learn more! You want to know what medium they would prefer, so that you know whether it’s best to invest more effort and time and money in writing, in blogs and emails, or in videos or creating a podcast show or guesting on shows. You don’t want to throw spaghetti on the wall and hope it sticks. And when you DO start churning out content – check the statistics to see which truly is resonating more.


  1. FIND OUT WHERE THEY HANG OUT: Where are your clients, prospects hanging out? In other words, what social media platforms are they using the most? Is your audience mainly on LinkedIn, do they love Pinterest, are they Instagrammers? Knowing WHERE they are will help you narrow down which social media platforms you need to focus on. There is no sense spending time and money posting the heck out of Twitter if your audience doesn’t even know what Twitter is. See where I’m going with this?



  1. BONUS – DO THE RESEARCH: Don’t be afraid to look at your competition, your industry leaders. Write out the top 3. Visit their websites, see what content they are putting out. What seems to be getting a ton of reactions? What social media platforms are they using? If they are in YouTube, do they have a ton of views? Where do they seem to get the most engagement – likes/comments/shares? It pays to do this research as it can tell you a lot and give you some tips along the way.

All this killer information will guide you on what

  1. TYPE of content to create
  2. TOPICS you should focus on
  3. PLATFORMS to focus on

THIS is where you start.  Plus, know that you don’t have to do it ALL, or do it ALL at once! Start somewhere, create content and get consistent. THEN you can build from there.

Let Smooth Sailing Business Growth create a content marketing strategy for you, so you get started in the right direction and consistently attract more clients faster!

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